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WATCH: Cameron and Vanessa Mathison Tease Her General Hospital Guest Appearance (VIDEO)

General Hospital'Cameron Mathison (Drew) and his wife, Vanessa, chatted to Entertainment Tonight about her appearance on tomorrow's episode of the ABC soap. Vanessa plays executive coach Mia, and she'll share scenes with her husband. 

Appearing on GH meant a lot to Vanessa. The ex-model told host Matt Cohen (ex-Griffin, GH):

You have no idea. So you have to understand, I grew up watching General Hospital. I was watching, you know, Jack Wagner and John Stamos. This was totally a dream come true.

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The GH guest slot marks Vanessa's acting debut. She added:

It was like the ultimate roleplaying for the two of us.

What about Mia possibly returning to Port Charles and being a love interest for Drew? Watch the clip below to find out both the Mathisons' take on that!