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DAYS' Kristian Alfonso on Beyond Salem Reunion With Peter Reckell: "Looking Forward to Working With Petey"

Kristian Alfonso

Kristian Alfonso

Even soap superstars get nervous. Kristian Alfonso confessed as much while slipping back into the role of iconic heroine Hope Williams Brady for Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem (Chapter 2).

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While on set, she told People:

I was a nervous wreck my first day. And also maybe my second day too, which was today, because there's so much happening.

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Alfonso regularly played Hope from 1983 to 2020. Peter Reckell also joined the soap in 1983, playing Hope's true love, Bo Brady; he departed the show in 2015, though Bo appeared as a ghost in 2016.

Alfonso said:

I think, probably just the lead up of it all, I want it to be great. I put the pressure on myself. I am definitely looking forward to working with Petey.

And though the star couldn't reveal any juicy details of what's to come, she did tease: 

The viewers are going to be so happy. And what they see, it's going to be super fun. They want to keep it a surprise because there's so many different things happening, and characters that are reappearing, that they wanted to be a surprise.

Don't miss Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem (Chapter 2), premiering on Peacock July 11. New episodes will drop daily until July 15.