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Days of Our Lives Recap: Leo and Craig's Wedding is Cox Blocked by Jackie Cox

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 20, 2022
Leo Stark, Days of Our Lives

Greg Rikaart

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton house: Abigail and Jennifer discuss what Melinda will do, but Abigail says she can't tip her hand. They head off to the Salem Inn to get ready.

Salem Inn: Leo's in a kimono getting his social media game on when Craig comes in all tuxxed-up. Leo doesn't want Craig to see his wedding ensemble and sends him on his way.

Gwen's dressed and ready, and sincerely thanks Abigail for being her matron of honor.

Horton Square: Xander makes up names to call Jack as his father-in-law, but I didn't hear daddy.

Brady asks Justin to stall Craig's wedding because he and Chloe want it to go up in flames.

Nancy shows up and spots Bonnie, who offers her support.

Jack walks Gwen down the aisle followed by Craig and Chloe. Enter Leo and I'm dead. He and Gwen meet up and exchange mutual excitement. Justin starts the ceremony. No one objects to the wedding and Brady gestures for Justin to stretch it out. Nancy stands up and says she wishes Craig all the happiness in the world. Justin starts talking about the guests to stall for time.

Leo picks Brady as his best man and demands he have a nice speech ready for the reception. Gwen offers to have Justin perform Craig and Leo's vows first. Leo gives heartfelt vows to Craig. Leo and Craig say, "I do."

Justin's declares them...HUSBA---Enter Chadwick to stop him mid-sentence. He announces that Leo's already married. Jackie Cox sashays in and says he's married to super duper Matthew Cooper, Leo's government name, and produces a wedding certificate for him and Darius Rose. Jackie transforms into Darius Rose Cooper and Leo says he did it to get him a green card into the US. 

Chloe declares bigamy and Brady points out to Craig that Leo did lie, despite the circumstances. Craig wants to know what's happening, but he claims he understands why Leo did it. Justin says he can't sanction their wedding and they decide to leave. Darius says he's Leo's confidante and claims his marriage is one big flim-flam.

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Darius accuses Leo of targeting him right from the moment they met at the convention. Darius claims he has proof via texts that he and Leo were going to split the money, but wasn't aware of the prenup. Craig gets upset and Leo concedes it was the plan, but along the way his feelings changed. Leo points to signing the prenup as proof. Leo begs for forgiveness and Craig walks away.

The Last Gasp:

-Brady blocks Leo from seeing Craig.

-Chloe follows Craig to his room. She tries to soothe his hurt feelings, but he breaks down in her arms.

-Bonnie and Nancy head off for a drink.

-Abigail has the news she's been waiting for and it will affect the next couple on deck.

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Random Thoughts:

-Damn, just when Gwen lets her guard down with Abigail...BAM! Game on!

-Salem's weddings are always a DAYSaster, but jolly good fun.

-I cackled when Jack found the wedding drama, "strangely riveting."

-I wasn't expecting Craig to break down like that. Kudos to Kevin Spirtas and Nadia Bjorlin.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!