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Perkie's Observations: Laura Tries to Control an Unrepentant Spencer on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 21, 2022
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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: Jordan wants an update from Rory and is surprised to hear that Spencer was the instigator. Rory tells her he brought them in for disorderly conduct and he followed procedure.

Laura arrives and is not happy that her grandsons were arrested, saying Spencer was her one phone call. Finn comes in after getting a call from Cameron.

Cameron and Spencer sit in lockup, arguing over what happened at Kelly's. Cameron says Josslyn despises Spencer and he had to come to Spencer's defense. Spencer tells Cameron not to defend him anymore and he'll tell the police he instigated everything. Cameron points out that Spencer is on parole and this could land him back in prison.
Spencer says the'll get out and he'll go back to finding information on Esme that will exonerate Trina. He tells Cameron they have to stick to the plan. Laura arrives and overhears.

Laura has Cameron released, but tells Spencer she might just keep him locked up. Spencer says Rory has it out for him, but Laura tells Spencer that Rory is an officer of the law and Spencer will adjust his attitude immediately. (Go Laura, go Laura!!)

Drew meets with an executive coach named Mia, who asks him if he's really interested in running Aurora or not. He says he's embracing the life to give his family security.

Britt's waiting for a blind date who doesn't show up, so when Drew's meeting ends, he joins her. She asks about his meeting and Drew explains how he's unsure where to take Aurora and Mia had some good ideas. Britt tells Drew her mother set her up on a matchmaking service. She admits she's not sure if she's ready to date anyone and Drew commiserates with her.

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Maxie tells Spinelli that Britt's out on a blind date and is curious to see what the guy looks like. The two head over to The Grille and Maxie misconstrues Britt and Drew as an actual date. Britt tells them her date didn't show up and bad mouths the dating app. Maxie drags Spinelli away as he starts behaving squirrelly. (I'm guessing he's the one who created the app, which is why he didn't want it bad mouthed.)

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Marshall tells Epiphany that he's leaving Port Charles, which surprises her. Marshall says Curtis doesn't want a relationship with him on his terms. He says he's leaving tomorrow and shouldn't have come back in the first place. Epiphany tears a strip off of Marshall, but he claims he loves his family. Pif tells him to fight for his family and to talk to Curtis.

Selina is appreciative of Curtis' efforts in getting her poker game set up, but is not happy to see Sonny there. Brad comes in from the back with an issue with a player, but Selena tells him to deal with it. Sonny is upset with Selina hiring Brad, but she assures him that she has Brad under control. Brad returns from his errand and Selina chastises him for messing up.

TJ tells Curtis that Marshall was upset that Drew did a background check on him, but Curtis isn't concerned. TJ wants to know what Curtis found in the background check. Curtis says he's not sure what Marshall is lying about. Sonny questions Curtis, saying he knows about the poker games and figures that's how Curtis got the information he wanted. Curtis swears it's just business. Curtis asks Selina for the records she promised of his father's and she says he'll get them first thing tomorrow.

Chase sets up surveillance at Liz's house, and is surprised when Aiden comes home and asks for his help. Aiden pulls out the Ouija board claiming it's a school project and Chase agrees to help out. Aiden calls out for a ghost, Franco, and the candles around them extinguish. Aiden believes Franco is trying to contact them and lists all the things that have happened. Aiden says Franco's ghost has been doing everything. Chase says he's on the case, but Aiden worries it will make Franco mad. Chase promises to stop the crazy things from happening.

Spencer tells Jordan and Laura he provoked Cameron, so Jordan releases Cameron. Jordan says it's up to Rory as to what happens to Spencer. Spencer apologizes to Rory, who lets him off with a warning. Jordan and Laura both tell Spencer he got lucky and should appreciate it.

Spencer continues to be a flippant tool. Laura chastises Spencer and tells him to act like a responsible adult. She asks what he did to set off Cameron, but Spencer poo poos her. Laura warns him never to dismiss her again and the next time he is to listen to an officer of the law.

Chase falls asleep on the couch, but is awakened by a loud noise, which he investigates. Cameron and Finn get home to find Chase knocked out on the floor. 

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