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Mattea Roach Scores 12 Jeopardy! Wins in a Row

Jeopardy! is welcoming a new superstar to its ranks. Mattea Roach, 23, has won 12 consecutive games so far, raking in $271,282 in earnings. 

That puts her in elite company, but Roach wasn't expecting to achieve such heights. She explained:

That was not what I was expecting coming here. This has been such a crazy season of streaks and I was thinking, you know, Amy [Schneider] might still be here. If it's not Amy, there's going to be some other super-champion that's just going to knock me out game one. And then I guess what I didn't realize is that I could become the super-champion I wanted to see in the world.

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Before each game, the interviewer noted, it appears that Roach is saying something to herself. Roach revealed:

You can take the girl out of Catholic school, but you can't take the Catholic school out of the girl. And so I'm saying Hail Marys.

Roach will go for her thirteenth straight victory tonight, April 21. Watch Roach open up about her success below.