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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen's Arrested at Her Wedding and Delivers a Shocking Blow to Abigail

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 21, 2022
Gwen Rizczech, The Young and the Restless

Emily O'Brien

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Salem PD: Melinda and Ava strike a deal for full immunity in exchange for intel on Gwen. Ava's advised not to leave town and to be ready to testify. Melinda tells Ava that she let Abigail deliver the goods to Gwen in person.

Bistro: Gabi gloats to Rafe about Ava's arrest. She gets him riled up and the two make a toast...enter Ava. She tells them she's free and shows Rafe the paperwork. She says her goodbyes and heads out.

Jake's: Ben pops over to hang out. Jake tells him his new roommate is Ava. They bro talk about their living arrangement, which includes food and massages. Ava swans in and tells the boys she's free. Ben decides to shove off.

Jake wonders what happened and Ava points to Gabi as her accuser. Jake offers to share the bed with Ava and she agrees. The two pile in, back to back.

Gabi/Melinda: Gabi confronts Melinda at the PD and asks why she gave Ava up after she got her proof. Rafe comes in and Melinda explains to them Ava turned over evidence in a much higher profile case...and she wants Rafe to handle it by the book. She tells him to arrest Gwen and bring her in the front door.

Horton Square: Gwen and Xander decide to move forward, then Abigail steps forward to shut it down. Gwen accuses her of setting her up, but Abigail has come with receipts. Xander asks for privacy, but Abigail wants it all public because that's what Gwen did to her when she blew up Jack and Jennifer's celebration.

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Abigail tells Xander and Jack that Gwen knocked her out and had her kidnapped. Jack tries to keep Abigail from talking, but Jennifer tells holds him off. Abigail runs down how she found out Gwen did it...through Ava. Abigail says Gwen's crimes against her were bad enough, then moves onto what she did to Sarah. She runs through the mask scheme and how Sarah was kept away. Abigail ties it together for Xander by saying that her connection to Kristen should make it all make sense. Abigail accuses Gwen of knowing Sarah was kidnapped for four months.

Xander confronts Gwen about her crimes and wonders how she could have done it. Gwen explains that she was afraid of losing him. Jennifer says she had no regard for Sarah, but Gwen claims she thought she was okay with Kristen because she didn't know her like they do. Abigail explains the antidote should have worked, but says Gwen switched the antidote with the drug. Doing so made it premeditated and not reactive.

Jack jumps forward, demanding the truth from Gwen. She can't answer, but Jack realizes it's true. Jack tells her not to call him dad, says he's done with her, and leaves. Xander outlines what he went through to get over Sarah and what Gwen knew. Then, he calls her the worst person he's ever known. Xander takes off.

Gwen looks around the crowd, stunned and exposed. Gwen strikes out and tells Abigail to go to hell. The duo bicker until Rafe comes to arrest her. Just before they leave, Gwen leans in and whispers something shocking to Abigail, "Just so you know, your precious grandmother, I killed that little bitch on purpose."

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Random Thoughts:

-Abigail to Gwen, "can it bitch!" I like the way Marci Miller handled everything...questions, answers, and facts, all with dripping disdain.

-Great stuff from Emily, O'Brien and Paul Telfer.

-Holy crap! I wasn't ready for Gwen to leave that juicy morsel at Abigail's doorstep!

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!