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Lynn Herring Dishes Lucy's Rise to The Top With Deception on General Hospital

Lynn Herring

General Hospital's Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) has had a slew of careers, ranging from librarian to cosmetics queen. Now, she's sitting at the top of the Port Charles corporate heap after celebrating Deception going public. Coe looked back on Lucy's ascension in the workplace with Soap Opera Digest.

Coe dished:

She’s been burned, and lost a lot of money and made bad choices, so to actually have her succeed and be successful, it’s fabulous! All the near misses Lucy has had makes this success all the more sweet because she’s never really quite made it. Ever!

Lucy Coe, Brook Lynn Quartermaine, Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Lynn Herring, Kirsten Storms, Amanda Setton

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And although Lucy has made efforts with CoeCoe Cosmetics and Deception before, this incarnation of Deception has been a hit. Coe explained:

I love that continuity with the past, and for her to have a renewed chance at success is a kind of redemption for Lucy. I enjoy working with those girls — Kirsten [Storms, Maxie] and Amanda [Setton, Brook Lynn] and Sofia [Mattsson, Sasha] so much.

Lucy Coe, Brook Lynn Quartermaine, Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Lynn Herring, Amanda Setton, Kirsten Storms

Whom would Lucy describe as her ace at Deception? Coe mused:

Maxie. They have such a history, because she’s Felicia’s [Kristina Wagner] daughter. Lucy watched her grow up, and Maxie is very tolerant of Lucy’s bossy silliness. She leans on Maxie for the creative side of things, and she’s invaluable to Lucy because their relationship is both personal and professional.