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WATCH: James Reynolds and Sal Stowers Reflect on Abe and Lani's Days of Our Lives Bond (VIDEO)

Days of Our Lives' Lani (Sal Stowers) might not be Abe's (James Reynolds) biological daughter, but the pair's bond is still there. After all, one of Lani's twins is named after him! Reynolds and Stowers opened up about working together on the DAYS YouTube channel.

The pair struggled to recall exactly when they first met, but Stowers remembered:

Our first scenes were in the detective area. I was new and I remember I was looking for Rafe [Galen Gering] and then I saw you and I came in and I introduced myself.

What are their favorite scenes together? Each recounted some emotionally-charged times on screen, with Reynolds reflecting:

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We have a lot of good scenes and I think sometimes it does come down to moments because the emotional flavor of the relationship, and when David was born and of course died, that was quite a...that was quite a moment.

Both actors shared their reactions to finding out Abe wasn't actually Lani's biological dad. Reynolds mused:

My big concern was as the paterfamilias of the Carver family, is that that family is down one person and how does that play out in the future.

And the effects of that revelation are still rippling through Salem as we speak. Watch the duo chat it up below.