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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nick Delivers The Tragic News of Rey's Death to Sharon

The Young and the Restless Recap for April 21, 2022
Nicholas Newman, The Young and the Restless

Joshua Morrow

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

The abandoned cabin: Victoria runs through what happened and can't believe Rey is dead. She panics and demands Ashland take her to the body to make sure it's him. As her panic fades, Ashland tells her he saw her swerve to avoid Rey's car, then crash into a tree. He says that Rey was already dead. Victoria takes the blame for killing Rey, but Ashland tells her it was an accident.

Victoria thanks him for saving her. Ashland admits he couldn't leave her there to die and had to make sure she was safe. They talk about the night he let the real Ashland Locke die in a car accident. Victoria wants to know why he followed her and what he wants from her. He tells her that he loves her and no matter what happens, he wants her to be alive.

Crimson Lights: Chance sits with Connor and talks about hockey, while Sharon and Chelsea try to remain calm.

When alone, Sharon suggests Chelsea's happy to have a night with Rey. Chelsea denies it, but says it's more about Connor because he's getting older. Chelsea claims Rey was there for her and considers him a friend. The two admit they appreciate their honesty and leave it there. 

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Chance gets a call from the GCPD about the accident. He heads out to the site. Connor and Chelsea head home.

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Society: Nick calls Victor from the accident site. He says he can't find either Victoria or Ashland. Nick tells Victor that Rey was in a third car and is dead. Victor says they will head out there.

Accident site: Chance tells Nick they will look for Victoria and Ashland in the morning. They talk about Rey and Nick's concerned about how Chance is feeling. They decide Nick should be the one to tell Sharon and not a stranger.

Nikki calls out and finds Victoria and Ashland in the cabin. Victoria refuses to leave until she knows what happened to Rey. Victor says he didn't make it and questions Ashland's involvement. Victoria says she crashed into a tree and her car caught fire. She adds that Ashland saved her life.

Back at Crimson Lights: Nick comes in and Sharon nervously rambles on about Rey. Nick lets her talk until she stops, then she tells Nick she already knows. Sharon starts crying and says she needs a minute. Nick tells her about Rey and she collapses in his arms.

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