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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Discovery About Harmony Leads Her Into Danger on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 25, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Chase tells Brook Lynn he was knocked out and the two almost share a kiss when Michael interrupts to talk about ELQ. Michael tells her about merging ELQ with Aurora. This way, Valentin's shares would be diluted, but Ned isn't thrilled about the idea. Brook Lynn promises to keep an eye out for her father. 

Chase and Brook Lynn talk about how things were with Bailey and he apologizes for badmouthing her to Dante. Brook Lynn says some of the things he said were true. Chase says he trusts her to do the right thing now and believes they get each other. The two go in for kiss number two and are stopped this time by Leo, who's ticked that Chase wasn't at the party. Chase apologizes. Leo mentions not being able to perform the poem in front of everyone, so Chase has him recite it to him.

Jordan has her techs take a look at the corrupted camera footage remotely and promises to have answers soon. Finn wonders how concerned they need to be and Jordan asks if there is anyone who has access to her life. Jordan figures the stalker didn't want to harm anyone until now. Jordan gets the call from her techs, and tells Liz and Finn that jamming the surveillance cameras was done deliberately.

Aiden comes home and tells Liz he believes Franco is behind it all. Aiden believes Franco is trying to reach them and he moved the statue that knocked out Chase. Finn doesn't believe Franco would want to scare them since he loved them.

Curtis shows Marshall his arrest record and Marshall doesn't understand why Curtis would risk everything to get the file. Curtis says he had no choice, but thought Marshall's past would affect his life with Portia. Curtis says Marshall was arrested for being in a protest and was remanded to a mental institution for evaluation. Curtis wants help understanding why Marshall thought the best course of action was to walk away. Marshall says he did what's best for his family, but Curtis disagrees. Marshall believes coming back was the biggest mistake. Curtis wants them to start fresh with no more secrets, but Marshall says he won't get answers from him.

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Alexis tells Diane she might kill Grant's story on Nina, which does not sit well with Diane. Alexis says she's doing it for Harmony and updates Diane, who says Alexis should toss Harmony out of her home. Alexis agrees, but says she feels obligated to help. Diane convinces Alexis that Grant's feature has to run.

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Sonny stops by to ask Willow if she can talk to Michael on his behalf. Michael arrives and is none too happy to see his father. Sonny wants them to move forward and is sorry for putting Willow in the middle.

Michael and Sonny argue about his treatment of Carly, with Michael accusing him of cheating on her. (Hey Mikey, look over to the other person in the room with you, you know, the one that cheated on her husband with you. You big fat hypocrite. GUH!!) Michael says Sonny's not loyal, but Sonny claims he's taking responsibility. Michael says he's done with Sonny and wants nothing more to do with him. Sonny says he loves Michael, but he won't forget this. He says if Michael wants him to forgive him, he'll have to beg.

Carly interrupts as Harmony sets her papers on fire, but Harmony claims she's just getting rid of old documents. Carly asks what's going on between Harmony and Nina. Carly wonders if Nina is blackmailing Harmony, which she denies. Carly mentions working with Phyllis, though Harmony talks her way out of it.

Carly brings up Harmony's words from her drunken state, when she wished Willow was hers. Harmony claims it has to do with her estrangement from Willow. Harmony claims she's getting her phone, leaving Carly alone.

Carly opens the file folder and finds a crumpled piece of paper that Harmony didn't burn. Part of the notes on the paper read, "Harmony insists she did nothing wrong and rationalizes keeping the child because of unique circumstances." Carly takes pieces of burnt paper out of the fireplace, noticing that the letterhead is Neil's. Harmony returns with her trusty giant needle of doom hidden behind her back. Carly accuses Harmony of stealing Willow and the two fight over the needle.

Alexis gets home to find the house torn upside down with no one in it. She finds pieces of the burnt files, then remembers something Harmony said, and figures out where she is. Harmony is in Carly's car, with Carly in the trunk, sitting on the edge of the embankment.

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