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WATCH: Joan Collins Previews Upcoming Series Following Lives of Her and Sister Jackie (VIDEO)

Joan Collins

Joan Collins

Dame Joan Collins paid a visit to The Talk on Monday to discuss the upcoming and highly-anticipated television series focused on the lives of herself and her late sister, novelist Jackie Collins.

Collins revealed the series would document her and her little sister in six to eight parts during their teenage years, including the sexism they faced while going after their dreams, and the marriages they had along the way. Written by Craig Pearce, Collins previewed:

It’s just been written by a wonderful writer called Craig Pearce, who’s just done the biography of Elvis Presley. And it’s going to be a six or eight’s about Jackie and me, my sister who sadly is no longer with us. From young teenagers and ambition, and going through all of our lives, from fighting the misogyny, we were right in the middle of the #MeToo movement. Except it wasn’t called the #MeToo movement, it’s called you know, ‘suck it up’. You don’t like it get out of the business, but not literally. But, so we fought that. There’s too much to go into. There have been several husbands. There have been lots of lawsuits. And at the same time, Jackie and I were trying to raise three children each. We both had three kids. And it was easier for her because she was a writer, and she could take the kids to school and then write. But I had to work, because I was the breadwinner. I was the only breadwinner. I had husbands that didn't work out I'm afraid. I just celebrated our 20th anniversary my husband [Percy Gibson[.

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Watch the clip below.