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Y&R's Michael Mealor on Kyle Forgiving Diane: "I Don’t Know if He Can Risk That One"

Michael Mealor

The Young and the RestlessMichael Mealor (Kyle) is coming back to town with a mother of an issue. His character's presumed dead mama, Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters), is really alive and well! Mealor discussed what Kyle will face in Genoa City with TV Insider.

Mealor said:

I think at Y&R we do try to keep stories as grounded and based in reality as possible. But once the fans see the work that Susan’s doing and the struggle that she brings to the Abbotts…they will suspend belief. What Susan brings to the screen is fantastic. I love it.

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The Jabot heir will likely have some issues to iron out with lying Ashland (Robert Newman), who believed he was Harrison's dad for a long time...and wasn't actually dying, after all. Mealor revealed:

At the moment, Kyle doesn’t know that Ashland has fibbed about his medical status. As Michael, I can say I love what Robert brings to the table as Ashland. I’m really looking forward to Kyle going to toe-to-toe against him.

Ultimately, though, will Kyle be able to open his heart to forgive Diane? Mealor mused:

That’s a heavy question. I don’t know if he can risk that one. It kind of goes to what is your personal definition of forgiveness?