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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila's Alone in Steffy's Room While She's Asleep

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for April 25, 2022
Sheila Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

University Hospital: Baker wants to question Steffy and she agrees. Sheila comes into her room as Baker asks if Steffy remembers who shot her. She doesn't. Baker asks again and Steffy asks, "Why? Why do I see Sheila?" She turns to look at her. Steffy says she was there the other day and doesn't want her in her room. Ridge asks Sheila to leave and she agrees. He says he'll explain why Sheila's around, but not now. Steffy gets worn out trying to remember, but can't. Baker tells Ridge he'll come back later.

Taylor updates Brooke, Hope, and Liam on Steffy's condition. Taylor says Steffy's slowly regaining her strength, but her memory hasn't come back. She asks them to be patient. Brooke wonders how long they can wait to tell her about Finn. Taylor says they can't rush Steffy's memory or they risk causing damage.

Hope and Brooke wonder how long they can keep Steffy believing something that's not true. Liam assures them Steffy will remember and have to grieve her loss. His main concern is her remembering the shooter's identity.

Baker steps outside and tells Sheila he wants to talk to her. He's amazed the Forresters let her near the family based on their history, but Sheila reminds him that Finn was her birth son. Baker offers his condolences and offers to talk to her later. He asks her to think about who could have shot Finn and Steffy.

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After Taylor leaves, Brooke tells Liam it's ridiculous to keep Steffy in the dark. Brooke claims she's sympathetic, but says it's not a sustainable solution. Hope thinks Liam should be the one to tell Steffy the truth.

When alone, Taylor and Ridge talk to Steffy about her progress. Ridge wonders how long they have to pretend about Liam being her husband. Taylor says they need to be patient. He offers to buy her a coffee and the two head to the cafeteria.

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Forrester Creations: Eric updates Quinn about Steffy's condition. Carter comes in and talks to Eric about Steffy's memory lapse. Eric leaves, and Quinn changes the subject to her marriage. She wonders if Eric will ever trust her again after their affair. Carter thinks Eric's focused on Steffy right now.

Steffy's room: Sheila returns to Steffy's room when she's asleep. She watches her and remembers their final conversation. Sheila's heart starts beating faster and she runs her hands up the IV line. The screen fades to black as the monitor beeps.

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