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Days of Our Lives Recap: AllDevil Kidnaps Ben and Ties Him Up in The DiMera Crypt

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 25, 2022
Alice Horton, Days of Our Lives

Lindsay Arnold

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Beth's about to tell Lani something, but Julie interrupts when she comes to visit Eli. TR comes by and asks why Beth is there. She makes a hasty exit. Lani says she came by to talk to her about something, but didn't say what.

Julie tells TR she knows about his past and tells him if he hasn't changed, he will have to deal with her. 

Bistro: Chanel and Tripp are getting drunk between kisses and sweet talk. When they want another round, the waiter cuts them off and calls a cab. They decide to go back to Paulina's.

Paulina's: TR swears again he's changed. He moves in closer to Paulina and asks for another chance before he kisses her. He pushes for an overnight stay, but Paulina declines. TR thinks it's about Abe and tells her Abe doesn't appreciate her like he does. Paulina says he wants to take things slow. TR tries to control his anger by hiding a fist. He eases up and says he'll be waiting for her.

Tripp and Chanel show up and Paulina tells them they're not going to her room. Chanel tries to assert her independence, but Paulina puts her foot down. She gets Tripp some water and sends him to his cab.

Ben and Ciara's: Ben admits to Allie that he's a little stressed about the baby's impending birth. While he drinks the tea Allie offered, she assures him that everything will be fine.

Ben gets sleepy and Allie shows him a picture of the baby's first a devil's costume. Ben struggles to stay awake and Allie keeps talking. Allie reveals herself as the Devil. She tells Ben she's still after the baby and has big plans for it.

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Brady Pub: Kate's filling in for Roman at the bar. Abe comes in and he opens up about Paulina. Abe understands why she lied about Lani, but still doesn't trust her completely. Kate hopes he can find a way to forgive her. She talks about how she and Paulina made a connection over their past abusers. Abe tells her how TR is trying to make inroads with Paulina.

DiMera crypt: Johnny Guns is watching Tripp and Chanel make out and he's very upset. Johnny Guns yells at what he sees and says to Chanel he loves her. AllDevil comes in to find out what Johnny Guns saw.

AllDevil ties Ben up in the crypt and claims to not know how much longer Johnny Guns will be around either. Ben wakes up and AllDevil tells him she's leaving to be with Ciara.

Salem Inn: TR knocks on Beth's door. Beth says she didn't say anything. When she tries to close the door, TR pushes it back open and says he should have taken care of her a long time ago. The door closes and Beth screams.

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Random Thoughts:

-Johnny Guns' guns must be achy AF by now.

-AllDevil put Ben to sleep, not the tea.

-Julie don't play...TR better watch out.

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