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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jan Uses Her Pregnancy to Create More Tension Between Shawn and Belle

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 26, 2022
Jan Spears, Days of Our Lives

Heather Lindell

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Jake's: Jake has a nightmare about his encounters with JoDevil and wakes Ava up. She tries to calm him by placing a hand over his...ummm...heart. Jake claims he can't remember the nightmare and heads for the shower.

Salem PD: Nicole questions why Ava's charges were dropped. Rafe explains what Melinda did and how he had to arrest Gwen. Rafe wants to grab breakfast at the pub, but Nicole hesitates. Ava comes in and says she wants to see Gwen. Nicole leaves them alone.

Shawn wants Belle to come home, but she's still struggling. Belle says she could have gotten a court order to get a morning after pill considering he was sexually assaulted. Shawn tells her these are thoughts that never crossed his mind and asks what Belle wants. Belle just wants Jan away from her. Shawn ignores Jan's calls from Statesville while trying to reason with Belle.

Brady Pub: Marlena reunites with Eric and gives him a big hug. They catch up on the possession roulette game and his personal life. Enter Nicole, exit Marlena. 

DiMera Enterprises: Gabi's not thrilled when EJ walks in. EJ explains the evidence against him was planted by Satan. Gabi explains how Johnny worked his charms on her and betrayed EJ in the process. She tells him about what the Devil did to Jake. EJ wants her to reinstate Jake, but she declines. EJ tells her he's no Johnny and not to get comfortable in the CEO chair.

Jake shows up. He wants to talk to Gabi about his nightmare. Jake thinks it's more about a memory than a dream. He claims he saw Johnny's eyes and heard his deep voice. Gabi asks if Jake thinks Johnny and the Devil were the same. Jake gets fed up with her and works out that Johnny was just a jerk. He tells her again nothing's happening with Ava and leaves. Gabi vows to get Ava out of Jake's bed.

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Statesville: Jan calls Shawn from Statesville...repeatedly. Jan says she has news about the baby. Shawn shows up and Jan turns on the waterworks. Shawn tells her to cut to the chase and not play games. Jan says she has a medical condition requiring bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. She wants Shawn to get her released.

Shawn confirms the information with her doctor. Shawn says he can't get her released with her record, but Jan offers up house arrest as an alternative.

DiMera mansion: Belle and EJ talk about trusting Johnny. EJ promises he will listen to her advice going forward. Belle offers a suggestion off the record, but EJ needs to bring Johnny back from Italy first.

Belle talks about her problems with Shawn and Jan. Belle admits she loves Shawn and EJ hugs her.

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Random Thoughts:

-Thanks for bringing up the sexual assault, but Belle needs to take a couple of steps forward with Shawn. She's playing armchair quarterback here.

-Ava's not going to let Rafe and Nicole rest for a minute...and I'm here for it.

-Jan is the doctor on the take or is it the Devil's work?

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