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Perkie's Observations: The Rift Between Sonny and Michael Widens on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 26, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Harmony sermonizes how everything she's done has been for Willow, and she can't stop now. She puts a rock on the brake pedal then lets viewers know her plan is to drag Carly's body to the driver's seat and put the rock on the gas and let it go.

Alexis shows up, wondering why Harmony has Carly's car and questions what happened. Harmony is upset that Alexis has found her. Alexis mentions the burnt files and asks how Harmony got Neil's records. Harmony tells her how Brendan was threatening her and she had to stop him. Alexis asks if Harmony killed Brendan. Harmony admits she was Neil's patient and he knew everything about her, and was going to talk. Alexis realizes that Harmony injected and killed Neil. Harmony says she just wanted to be Alexis' friend until Brendan showed up and blackmailed her. She explains her argument with Brendan and how he fell over the cliff.

Michael reassures Willow he's fine after his argument with Sonny. Willow blames Nina and Michael says he doesn't like the man Sonny has become since he returned from Nixon Falls. Michael claims Sonny always had a loyalty to the family, but now he's left them behind for Nina. Michael says he wants to take the stain away from the Corinthos name and tear down the corrupt empire. Willow wonders if Michael is serious about cutting off ties with Sonny. Michael says Sonny's business is organized crime and racketeering, and he won't sugar coat it any longer. Michael says he doesn't recognize Sonny anymore and can't forgive him. Willow warns Michael not to become the ruthless man Sonny is.

Nina is annoyed when Grant shows up at her apartment asking for her side of the article that he's writing. He gets pushy until Sasha shows up to defend Nina and sends him away. Sasha brings up Sonny and asks if Nina is ever worried. She mentions the robbery at Charlie's and how Brando ran in. Sasha worries the robbers will come after Brando now that they're out on bail, but Nina tells her that Sonny has taken care of it. Sasha wonders if Sonny killed the men. Nina says Sonny told her he took care of things and didn't push the issue. Sasha says Nina needs to know what Sonny does if he'll be in her life. Nina understands and still wants to be with Sonny, but Sasha reminds her that a relationship will come with strings.

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Brando meets with Lucy to help him find the perfect dream house for him and Sasha. Brando talks about the way he's dealing with his grief, but Sasha is dealing differently.

Sonny tells Dante that Michael is done with him and is not happy when Dante seems to take Michael's side. Dante says Nina has done questionable things, but Sonny says they've all done things they regret. Dante counters that Michael is upset at how Carly was treated and Sonny should understand. Sonny says all he wants is for Michael to respect him, just as Brando shows up. Sonny tells Brando that Michael is ashamed of the Corinthos name. He says all he's done is try to give his kids a better life than he had. Brando believes Michael is being naive and feels betrayed to be considered second. Dante tells Sonny he understands both sides and is not picking one over the other. Sonny apologizes for taking his frustrations out on Dante. Dante tells him to fix things with Michael, but Sonny says things have gone too far with Michael.

Finn wants Liz to reconsider staying somewhere other than her house until this is resolved. Liz says she doesn't want to bring the danger to Finn's place or Violet. She says she'll go to the Metro Court. Lucy runs into them and asks about Aiden's school project. Liz says it was just a cover story, but Finn gets angry with Lucy for encouraging Aiden's questions on the supernatural. Lucy defends herself and Finn apologizes.

Alone, Lucy and Liz discuss what's been happening, and Lucy mentions supernatural occurrences. Lucy thinks Liz should take comfort in thinking that Franco is still with her. Liz says it's a stretch especially since Chase got hurt. Lucy suggests sending a medium to the house to check for a presence.

Carly weakly bangs against the trunk before passing out again. Alexis is shocked when she opens the trunk and finds her. Harmony admits that Carly found out too much, as has Alexis. She says she can't let Alexis leave. 

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