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The Young and the Restless Recap: Ashland's Continued Presence in Genoa City Keeps the Newmans on Edge

The Young and the Restless Recap for April 26, 2022
Ashland Locke, The Young and the Restless

Robert Newman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Grand Phoenix: Nikki questions Diane showing up in Genoa City after all the devastation she caused. Diane says she was terrified. Nikki runs down all the things her family had to endure after Diane skipped town. Jack tries to get Nikki to leave with him and Phyllis, but no bueno.

Diane says she wants to try to make amends. She says Deacon offered her a way out when she needed it. Nikki doesn't accept her apology or believes she's changed, and warns her to stay away from her family.

Society: Sally's rambling on about how Sharon must be feeling even though she admits she doesn't know her very well. Adam wonders if it's a good idea to pay his condolences, but she doesn't think he needs to worry about it.

Adam spots Ashland and confronts him about not leaving town with the money. Ashland claims he didn't agree to leave Genoa City, but drop his interests in the company. Adam concludes he's staying because of Victoria and questions why he's wearing a bandage. He accuses Ashland of faking his injuries.

Sharon's: Victoria expresses her sympathy to Sharon. She offers her support to Sharon, but she says she's okay for now. Sharon excuses herself and runs up the stairs to catch her breath. Sharon returns and tells Victoria it was an accident and isn't looking to blame anyone. Sharon appreciates Victoria's gesture, but tells Nick it's time to go.

Crimson Lights: Chelsea talks to Victoria about Rey's death. Victoria points out that Chelsea tried to take him out a year ago (!!!). Chelsea claims she wasn't in her right mind and they became friends. Chelsea rambles on about what Rey meant to her and Connor. 

Abbott mansion: Kyle wants to know what's going on. Jack starts out by talking about his trip to LA. He takes the long, long road about the texts messages and says they were all about Kyle. Jack explains the texts were from Diane...she's alive and wants to see him.

Newman: Victor tells Victoria that Ashland is still in town with his money. Victoria explains he's legally bounced from the company, but is aware he's still around. Victoria claims she learned her lesson and will work to get Ashland out of her system. She apologizes for scaring him and he says it's okay while holding her.

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Back at the GP: Ashland comes to ask how to get in touch with Kyle since he reached out and is now ghosting him. Phyllis says she'll help make the connection for him to see Harrison.

Nikki comes off the elevator and asks why Ashland's still in town. He says it's because he loves her daughter. Nikki thinks Ashland needs to stay away from Victoria. Ashland says it won't be easy to get rid of him, short of murder, so she and her family should get used to him being around.

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Random Thoughts:

-Sharon Case continues to amaze. The little things she does, like running up the stairs to catch her breath because Victoria showed up unannounced.

-I'm okay with Ashland sticking around. He's a good foil for the Newmans.

-Phyllis taking the lamp with her in case Nikki wants to kill Diane again. (I'M DEAD!)

-Victoria's slam on Chelsea though. (I'M DEAD again!)

-Nikki was full of soapy judgement today, and I loved it.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.