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Perkie's Observations: Harmony Runs Into The Path of Sasha's Car on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 27, 2022
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Harmony Miller, General Hospital

Inga Cadranel

On today's General Hospital recap: Alexis questions how many people Harmony needs to kill in order to maintain her lies. The two argue and fight until Harmony grabs a rock with the intent of hitting Alexis with it, but Carly stops her. Harmony swears that no one will keep her from Willow and Wiley, but Carly holds her back as Alexis calls for help. Harmony runs off. Carly tells Alexis that Harmony drugged her, and she's worried Harmony's going to go after Willow and Wiley.

Sonny finds Curtis at the gym taking out his frustrations on the punching bag. Sonny brings up Marshall and believes that the past should be left there. Curtis wonders what Sonny isn't saying and Sonny remembers spotting the medications that Marshall was taking. Curtis tells him that his father left town. Sonny tells Curtis not to give up if he thinks things can be fixed.

Nina calls Brando to let him know that Sasha seemed fragile. She tells him the robbery worries Sasha and she's terrified of losing Brando. Brando says he's not involved in Sonny's business. Nina says she understands losing a child and the emptiness never goes away. Nina believes that Sasha's pain is taking its toll on her and offers to help.

The Deception women celebrate the IPO and their sudden new-found wealth. Someone takes an interest in Sasha and makes a call to a photographer. The paparazzi guy gets into Sasha's face with his camera, causing her to run outside. The photographer follows her out and gets a couple of photos of her and her drugs.

Sasha runs back inside where Gladys grabs the photographer's camera, takes out the memory card and takes off with Sasha. Lucy warns the photographer, but he's more interested in getting his card back and runs after the Corbin women.

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Portia and Drew are worried that Curtis has been ducking their calls. Portia wonders what Drew knows about Marshall leaving town. Drew admits he helped drive Marshall away and explains about the background check. Drew says Curtis was trying to protect her and Trina from Marshall's past. Curtis shows up.

Dante gets called to the hospital where one of Charlie's robbers has been brought in, beaten up. Dante questions where his partner in crime is, but Eric's not talking. Dante runs into Sonny at the gym and tells him that one of the guys is in the hospital and the other is in the wind. He asks what Sonny knows, but Sonny says he's a victim. Dante hopes there are no repercussions.

Finn and Violet run into Ava at the nail salon, and the two discuss the joys of parenting young daughters.

TJ receives a package, which turns out to be Marshall's clarinet.

Rory shows up at the ledge and gets the rundown about Harmony and her crimes. Both Carly and Alexis warn him that Harmony will go after Willow. Harmony runs through the forest, determined to get to Willow first.

Sasha and Gladys are being chased down by the photographer as Harmony comes running out of the forest into the path of their car.

(Anyone else find it hilarious that the shot of Harmony, as she's about to get hit by the car, has a rock face right behind her, which made it look like Sasha would have driven into that if Harmony hadn't been there? Good lord props people, do better.)

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