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Days of Our Lives Recap: Allie Approaches Evan to Help Him Get Revenge on Ben

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 27, 2022
Days of Our Lives

Lindsay Arnold, Brock Kelly

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Paulina's: Chanel wakes up with a screaming headache when Tripp stops by. He brings her an electrolyte drink to restore her to normality. He apologizes for how he acted the night before, but she claims she was as willing as he was. Chanel apologizes for her involvement with Allie before their engagement. The two decide to grab a bite together.

DiMera crypt: Allie taunts Johnny about Chanel. Ben awakens with a start, wondering where he is. Johnny tells him how he was possessed and Allie helped him fight the Devil off. They realize the Devil still wants Ciara and their baby. Johnny tells Ben how Allie set up Chanel and Tripp to have sex. Ben's worried about Ciara. He and Johnny start yelling for help. Suddenly, the door opens.

Ben and Ciara's: Ciara's looking for Ben and remembers how the tea made her feel sleepy. Allie brings breakfast to Ciara. She fills Ciara on what happened after Ben took her to bed. Allie "finds" a note that Ben left for Ciara that explains his absence. Ciara's grateful that Allie brought Henry's hand-me-downs for her baby. Despite Allie's attempts to keep her at the apartment, Ciara leaves to find Ben.

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Statesville: Shawn scoffs at Jan's suggestion of house his house. He doesn't think he will have any pull and she says prison is not a safe place for his growing baby. Jan knows Shawn wouldn't want to harm a baby no matter how much he hates the situation.

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Shawn returns from talking to the warden, who worked with a judge. The warden conceded there's an overcrowding issue at the prison. If Jan were released to Shawn, then it would help both the warden and Jan. Shawn tells her the judge agreed to an ankle monitor and house arrest. Shawn adds that Belle moved out temporarily so she won't be there.

Allie visits Evan and offers to help him get revenge on Ben.

Brady Pub: Belle and Eric reunite. He apologizes for not being there when she was possessed. Eric is surprised that Belle remembers so much of her possession and didn't lose time like Marlena did.

Belle fills him in on what's happening with Shawn. Eric tells Belle he wished he hadn't been so harsh with Nicole and doesn't want her to go through the loss of her marriage. He advises her to go home and work it out with Shawn, and Belle agrees.

Ciara drops in looking for Clyde. She tells Eric she can't find Ben and he's not at the garage.

Belle and Shawn's: Belle returns to find Jan in her home. She informs Belle that she's moving in.

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