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Days of Our Lives Recap: Susan Tells EJ That Johnny Didn't Write His Goodbye Letter

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 28, 2022
Susan Banks, Days of Our Lives

Stacy Haiduk

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Belle and Shawn's: Shawn tries to explain to Belle what happened with Jan at Statesville. Belle is upset he made the decision alone, but Shawn says Belle isn't living there. Jan's sarcastic commentary about the situation doesn't help. Belle's done with their foolishness and leaves.

Jan tries to calm Shawn down, but he's upset that Belle left. Jan distracts him by saying she and the baby want pie. Jan thinks it's better that Belle is gone if she's going to create stress for their baby.

Statesville: Allie tells Evan they have different interests in Ciara's baby than Ciara and Ben. Allie's plan is to let Evan torment Ben for the rest of his life. Allie says she can get him out of prison and reveals herself as the Devil.

DiMera mansion: Susan turns up looking for Johnny because she thinks he's in danger. She looks at Johnny's note and knows he didn't write it. Susan claims someone with a dark nature wrote it and determines it was Andre. EJ blows off her feelings and sends her upstairs to rest, but he's concerned he hasn't heard from Johnny at all.

Belle comes in and pours out a quick couple of drinks. She tells EJ about Shawn's latest stunt. EJ tries to get Belle to see Shawn's side through a father's eyes.

Susan hugs the red suit JoDevil wore and remembers the conversation she had with him. She's confused because she thought the Devil was in Belle. Susan falls asleep with the suit and remembers everything that happened with Johnny.

DiMera crypt: Andre enters the crypt. Johnny tells Ben he's not Tony, but Andre. Andre offers Ben his freedom if he kills Johnny. Ben says he won't murder again. When Johnny asks, Andre tells Johnny the Devil can't kill him because Allie fights too hard against him.

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Andre gives Ben a taste of freedom by releasing his shackles, but Ben can't escape the crypt or punch Andre. Andre offers him a necktie and works on Ben's dark feelings. Andre puts the necktie in Ben's hand. Johnny tries to convince Ben he has a good heart. Ben takes the necktie and approaches Johnny, but he can't do it and drops the necktie. Andre says the Devil doesn't need Ben around if he won't kill Johnny.

Ben and Ciara's: Jake comes looking for Ben. Ciara tells him she doesn't know where he is and calls the police. Jake wants to talk about their first idea that Johnny was the one who was possessed, not Belle. He explains what happened at DiMera and says if Johnny was possessed, then the Devil is still in Salem. Ciara says Johnny is in Italy and he left without warning. She briefly steps out to talk to Marlena.

Jake answers the door and Evan comes in. Jake recognizes him and Allie knocks him out from behind. Ciara returns to find Evan with a necktie in his hand and Ben passed out on the floor.

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Random Thoughts:

-Is Shawn really this clueless? This can't be Bo and Hope's child!

-Like her or not, Jan was funny when she was needling Belle.

-Drunk, sarcastic, snarky Belle? Yes please!

-I guess Evan doesn't mind working for the Devil either. Hell will be crowded with Salemites.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!