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The Young and the Restless Recap: Kyle Tries to Reconcile The Memories of His Mother With The Reality of Diane

The Young and the Restless Recap for April 27, 2022
Kyle Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Michael Mealor

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Undead Discussions: Kyle is discussing how shocked he is that his mother is alive. Where has she been? Jack explains that Diane faked her death and stayed away by choice. Just then the doorbell rings. It’s Ashland and he wants to see Harrison. Kyle allows him to take his used to be child out for a visit.

Kyle and Jack continue discussing their undead relative. Jack explains that Diane faked her death to get away from all the “bad things” she had done in Genoa City - she wanted a fresh start. Part of Kyle wishes that Jack had never told him about his mother. Kyle says he needs to find Summer before he makes any decisions. Jack tells Kyle that Diane returned to Genoa City so she could be close and make her own case to him. Kyle reminisces about how loving and fun his memories are of Diane, but a good person doesn’t behave like this. Jack is straight forward saying that Diane is as bad as many people say. Jack kind of wishes she had stayed dead so Kyle could keep his good memories.

Death and Resurrection: Diane is freaking out, and thinks there is no harm in her grabbing a coffee and taking a walk.

Tessa and Mariah are discussing the head count at their wedding with a little less than enthusiasm. Elena enters and wonders how Sharon is dealing with things. Mariah is concerned because Rey was a rock and now Sharon thinks she has to take his place.

Elena wonders if they are still going forward with their wedding despite the recent tragedies. Just then, Diane walks in. Mariah gets up to take this strangely-clad lady's order. Mariah apologizes for the delay in service and explains they are dealing with a death in the family. Diane quickly deduces that Sharon is the owner of the coffee shop. She grabs her brew and makes a quick exit.

Grand Phoenix Gossip: Amanda and Phyllis are catching up. Phyllis wants to dish about family drama. Amanda wonders what is going on with Jack. Phyllis says she can’t tell, but then dances all around the truth. Phyllis says the woman who is in town is no match for her. Amanda correctly guesses the woman is Jack’s ex, and wonders why Phyllis is so concerned. Phyllis explains that she knows “Jack’s ex”… just then, Diane returns. She races to the elevator as Phyllis chases her down. She jumps into the elevator as Phyllis yells at her to reconsider being dead.

A Queen’s Grief: Sharon is at home looking for her wedding planning folder when she finds a sticky note that Rey wrote. A tear-filled Sharon begins to remember sweet memories of Rey. Just then, Noah appears trying to shake Sharon out of her Rey-filled haze. Nicholas and Faith are also there. Faith explains that high school in her senior year is basically b.s. and nothing is more important than her fam. Noah and Faith try to get Sharon to relax, but she says she has wedding plans to deal with. Nicholas offers to drive her to the coffee shop and Sharon reluctantly accepts.

Fear and Hope in Crimson Lights: Sharon and Nicholas arrive at Crimson Lights and Elena offers her condolences about Rey. Sharon thanks her coldly and wants to go on to talk about the wedding. She needs this event to plan in her hour of need. Mariah and Tessa apologize for being sensitive, but can’t help but try to protect her. Sharon says she has things to do. She needs to do whatever she can to stay afloat. Tessa decides to move forward and explain that her family probably won’t come to the wedding and could Sharon walk her down the aisle. Sharon says Tessa is already family and agrees. Mariah then turns to Nicholas and asks him if he would do for her what he couldn’t do for Cassie and walk her down the aisle.

Kyle arrives at Crimson Lights and leaves a message for Summer. Just then, Aunt Traci arrives and explains he should talk his feelings through with someone he trusts. She offers herself up as a friendly ear. As a mother, Traci can’t understand how Diane walked away from Kyle. Setting all that aside, does Kyle want to see her?

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At the Grand Phoenix, Diane stands alone in her room clearly distraught.

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Random Thoughts:

-Is it me or should Kyle seem more shocked that his dead mother is alive?

-Has Ashland as much as mentioned Harrison in the last six months? 

-Diane in that hat and those sunglasses made me giggle. 

-Not to belabor a point, but Susan Walters IS DOING WORK!

-Does anyone else remember when she first arrived, that brief moment when Mariah tried to seduce Nicholas? Ew.

-If Rey had been cherished half as much in the past few years as he has been in the past few days, he might still be an alive and viable character.

-Kyle and Traci warmed the cockles of my soap opera soul. 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.