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Perkie's Observations: Laura Puts a Crimp in Esme's Grand Plans on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 28, 2022
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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: Sasha does CPR on Harmony while Gladys calls for help. The photographer continues to be a pest by taking photos of Sasha. The photographer wants his memory card back in exchange for a good article on Sasha, but she refuses. He makes a crack about her loss. Sasha attacks him and Gladys holds her back, as does Dante.

Curtis apologizes to Portia. He tells her about his argument with Marshall and how he left town. Portia says she knows he asked Drew to help him get a background check, but Curtis claims it was to protect them all.

Curtis says he found out that Marshall had no link to organized crime or in witness protection. Curtis tells Portia his father was arrested for a protest march, but she doesn't understand why he would hide that. Portia wonders where he got the information and thinks Curtis doesn't trust her. Curtis tells Portia about the sealed police record, but not how he got it. He promises to be forthcoming in future.

Dante tells Michael he ran into Sonny and tells his side of the story. Michael tells Dante that Sonny hurt Carly and doesn't want him hurting Wiley.

Alexis and Carly are taken to the hospital to get checked out. Sam shows up asking for details from her mother. Alexis explains how Harmony killed Neil.

Carly tells Jordan that Harmony had a psychotic break and Willow isn't her daughter. Carly updates Jordan that Harmony burned files and everything that followed. Jordan wonders why Harmony would go to extremes. Carly says she stole a baby and remembers Harmony talking about owing Nina, but doesn't explain that to Jordan.

Esme overhears part of Spencer's phone call to Cameron, but he claims he was telling Cameron to back off Esme. Esme is surprised to hear they got into a fight, but Spencer says he's protecting her. Spencer mentions heading to the gallery for his restitution.

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Nikolas is angry when he gets a text from Ava that she's not going to be home tonight. Esme's shocked when he angrily turns over the dinner table that was set for them. Esme says Ava resents her living there and doesn't understand why Ava doesn't appreciate Nikolas. Esme gets up close and into his personal space, but Laura shows up. Laura says Esme doesn't have to hide out at Spoon Island anymore because Sonny gave his word he'd leave her alone. Laura says Esme can move out now.

When alone, Laura asks Nikolas what she interrupted but Nikolas claims he was consoling Esme. Laura tells Nikolas she's worried about Spencer and how he's isolating himself. She tells Nikolas to get Esme out of the house because she's manipulating them. Nikolas thinks things will return to normal when Spencer and Esme get back together, but Laura thinks he's naive. Laura tells him to get rid of Esme before she poisons all of them.

Rory checks in on Trina at the gallery. She's still upset with him for arresting Cameron, but he says he was following Jordan's orders. Spencer gets to the gallery as Trina is explaining art to Rory. Spencer says he's there to start his work. After Rory leaves, Trina tells him that he was assigned to protect her. Trina gets angry with Spencer for using Laura to get him released, but he says another arrest could send him to prison. Esme shows up at the gallery.

Harmony is taken to the hospital. Sasha tells Dante the photographer was chasing them and Harmony ran out in front of her. Gladys questions Sasha, pointing out that she was speeding. She asks what is on the memory card that made her so upset. Sasha loses her mind, screaming about how she feels judged and exploited. Gladys calms her down. She tells her she has the memory card and promises to give it to her after they get checked out.

Carly calls Michael and tells him to meet her at the hospital.

Alexis is discharged from the hospital and the two are shocked when Harmony is brought in.

Michael and Willow get to the hospital and ask for details.

Sasha and Gladys get to the hospital as Harmony is taken into surgery.

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