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Perkie's Observations: Trina Goes Rounds With Spencer and Esme on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 29, 2022
Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Tabyana Ali

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer and Trina argue about Esme as she eavesdrops. Trina accuses Spencer of being jealous of Rory and calls Esme psycho as she comes out of hiding. Esme accuses Trina of making things difficult for her so that Sonny came after her. She explains to Spencer how Laura intervened and Sonny backed down.

Esme warns Trina that if she makes up lies about her again, there will be consequences. Trina says everyone will see her for who she is soon enough. She adds that Esme will be alone, then storms off. Esme and Spencer argue, but he swears he only has eyes for her.

Trina eavesdrops as Esme complains that Trina got between them and calls her a backstabbing snake, which angers Spencer. Spencer tells her she's too stressed out about Trina and needs to let it go. Spencer promises this will be over soon and she'll never have to see Trina again.

Ava gets home to find Nikolas trying to set up a romantic night for her. Nikolas tells her that Sonny won't be going after Esme and she can leave. Ava wants Esme out tonight, but Nikolas says she'll leave soon enough.

Ava says there are still issues in their marriage, mainly trust issues. The two continue to argue about Esme and Nikolas asks about divorce. Ava says she can't divorce him because she loves him, though he doesn't believe her. Ava kisses him, but stops it before it goes further.

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Gladys tries to reassure Sasha that Harmony will be fine, as Brando arrives. Sasha tells him that she might have killed Willow's mother and updates him on what happened. Brando wonders why the photographer was chasing her to begin with. Gladys explains she took the memory card. Sasha cries that Willow won't forgive her if Harmony dies. Brando thinks Sasha should tell Willow the truth and she agrees.

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Michael takes Willow to the chapel where she worries whether her mother will make it. Sasha interrupts to tell Willow that she was the one who hit Harmony. Willow says Carly and Alexis were with Harmony before the accident, but Sasha says she was coming from somewhere else. Willow asks if it seemed as though Harmony jumped in front of the car on purpose, but Sasha says she feels Harmony just didn't see her.

Michael and Brando run into Grant, who asks for a comment on Sasha running down a pedestrian. Brando gets angry and Michael has to hold him back. Grant says he has freedom of speech, but Brando says that only relates to government censorship. He says the First Amendment won't protect him if he goes anywhere near Sasha. Brando tells Michael that Sasha was the one who hit Harmony and how it happened.

Josslyn gets to the hospital, worried about Carly, and asks why she was brought to the ER in the first place. Carly tells Josslyn what happened and Josslyn wonders why Harmony drugged her, so Carly tells her about Willow. Josslyn thinks Carly should tell Willow the truth tonight.

Gladys runs into Carly and tells her that Sasha was the one who hit Harmony. Gladys worries about Sasha and how she'll get through this. Gladys wonders aloud why Sasha was so upset in the first place, then decides to go have a look at what's on the memory card.

Carly shows up to talk to Willow. 

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