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WATCH: Y&R's Susan Walters and Michael Mealor Dish Diane and Kyle's Fractured Relationship (VIDEO)

Michael Fairman, Susan Walters, Michael Mealor, The Young and the Restless

Recently on The Young and the Restless, back-from-the-dead Diane (Susan Walters) has finally been reunited with her son Kyle (Michael Mealor). But the Abbott heir might not be as enthusiastic for his mom's return as she'd hoped. Walters and Mealor discussed Diane's return and its impact on both characters' emotional states with Michael Fairman TV.

Mealor shared:

I mean, he’s floored, he’s confused, he’s heartbroken. I mean, he kind of runs the gamut as far as the emotions go. It's interesting. I kind of approached it...I know personally, when I was kind of coming of age as Michael, as a young man, I began to kind of question all the things that my parents had taught me and kind of went, is that what I believe? Or is that just something that my parents, a belief that my parents placed upon me? And so you kind of go through a lot of that stuff and I kind of took that approach when Diane came back into the picture, of Kyle questioning all of that stuff that he learned without her all over again, of what does this mean for all of my past relationships and how Kyle has treated women in the past. How did that affect him? What would it have changed if Diane was in the picture the entire time?

What's going through Diane's head as she deals with Kyle and Jack (Peter Bergman) once again? She might want to pop back into the Abbott estate again. Walters teased:

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I think Diane, come on, she wants to live in a mansion like that, in her brain. Actually, I even said it to Allie's [Kelsey Wang] character. But besides all that, you know, if you really wrong somebody, then you have to be willing to take a lot of stuff and so I think that Diane's also proving that, like the amount to which I want a relationship with Kyle is the extent of how much hostility and pain and questions that I'll take and just keep eating up. Now when somebody else says mean things to me, I might retaliate a little bit.

But re-entering the Abbott living room, in particular, wouldn't be easy for Diane. Walters mused:

She went through therapy; she didn't get a major personality transplant, you know? It was probably a huge wake-up call and then I know how Susan felt walking into this living room with these actors grilling me. You know, I think it probably took a long time for Diane to feel she could handle all that.

Watch the full interview below.