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The Young and the Restless Recap: Kyle Has an Emotional Reunion With Diane

The Young and the Restless Recap for May 2, 2022

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Kyle Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Michael Mealor

Abbott mansion: Diane asks Kyle that he keep an open mind and nothing more. Kyle admits he doesn't know where to start. Diane starts to cry and and talks about how she dreamed of this moment. Kyle wants to know what possible excuse Diane could have to justify faking her death.

Kyle remembers when he was sent to boarding school in Switzerland and she never showed up. Diane claims she was scared of retaliation by her enemies, who could separate them permanently. She realized she couldn't be with Kyle without have a life on the run, which could have endangered him.

Diane says he deserved to be with Jack because she was so toxic. Kyle tells her that he couldn't do that to his own son because he felt such deep pain when she left. Kyle tells her that Jack didn't tarnish his memories of her. Diane tells Kyle she can't lie about the type of person she was if there's any hope of making him understand she's not that person anymore. Kyle wonders if he can believe her.

Kyle thinks Diane was secretive about how she came back into Jack's life, but she defends her actions. Diane says she couldn't have ever shocked him and explains why she used Jack as a buffer to give Kyle the choice to meet her. She talks about the long road to rebuild her life through therapy and self-reflection. Diane vows she won't ever be that hurtful person again. She says she will give him the time and space he needs to figure things out.

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Crimson Lights: Jack wonders if he made a mistake with Diane. Phyllis assures him he made the right choice as Kyle is an adult. Phyllis thinks Summer will help Kyle if she senses that Diane isn't sincere. Phyllis scoffs at his suggestion that maybe she did change and deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Jack relates his story about Dina abandoning three children and how they had to cope with her return. Phyllis points out that Diane took a long and sneaky road just to see Kyle through Jack. Jack points out Phyllis' history and she bucks up hard. She yells at Jack that she doesn't see one iota of change in Diane and doesn't want him to let his guard down.

Chancellor mansion: Chance tells Abby about Rey's heart attack. Abby consoles Chance as he talks about his former partner. Victor drops by and offers to tell Victoria about Rey. Victor and Chance talk about how he's coping. He advises Chance to focus on his wife and child because they will need him to lean on someday. Victor visits with Dominic and leaves. Chance tells Abby he's focused on the present and will be the husband she needs.

Grand Phoenix: Diane returns to her hotel room and finds a familiar face waiting for her. Gasp! It's Victor.

Jack/Phyllis/Kyle: Kyle tells Jack he needs some air and will tell him about his visit when he's ready. Phyllis gives Jack a hug.

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