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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: A Tearful Steffy Asks Liam to Keep Her Company

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for May 2, 2022
Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Malibu: Taylor and Thomas get the house ready for Steffy's return. After Ridge gets her settled, they celebrate with a round of lollipops. Ridge and Taylor try to distract Steffy when she spies the picture of her and Finn. Kelly uses Steffy's phone to call Liam.

Taylor and Steffy talk about Finn and how they will move forward without him. Taylor tries to get her to focus on the positives of being at home with her children.

The Back Shack: Hope and Liam have some alone time to decompress. Liam starts rambling on about Steffy's homecoming...and how it's going...and how he should be there...and you get the idea. Hope tells him to wait until tomorrow. Liam admits he can't shut the worrying off. Liam answers a call from Kelly who invites him over, and he agrees.

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Hope pours Liam's wine into her glass (smart move girl, you're gonna need it) as Brooke comes in. Brooke is perplexed by Liam's quick exit. They talk about Ridge and Liam, and turn on the positivity that their men will return. 

Malibu: Liam shows up and Kelly runs to him. Then, he texts Hope and says he'll be longer than expected. Liam tells Steffy that Kelly stole her phone and called him to come over. Taylor and Ridge leave to their respective corners.

Steffy thanks Liam for being there and he takes Kelly to bed. Steffy starts to cry and asks Liam to stay because she doesn't want to be alone for all the firsts she has yet to experience without Finn. Liam says he will always be there for Kelly and her.

Brooke/Hope/Thomas: Hope confides in Brooke that she overheard Liam promising to be there for Steffy when she was in the hospital. She gets upset and says it's the same old drill...just as Thomas walks in to see Douglas, who's not there. Thomas admits Liam will always love Steffy (nice job of consoling Hope there T). He points out the similarities between Hope/Liam/Steffy and Brooke/Ridge/Taylor (again, very helpful).

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