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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena Helps Jake Remember What Happened to Ciara

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 2, 2022
Dr. Marlena Evans, Days of Our Lives

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Johnny interrupts Chanel and Tripp. He tells he wasn't in Italy and EJ tells her he was possessed for a long time. Johnny passes out from dehydration.

Chanel goes to Johnny's room to check on him and he tells her was possessed since Christmas. Johnny tries to explain he remembers nothing after New Year's Eve, but she's hurt. He tells her what happened in the crypt and reveals the Devil is in Allie.

EJ tells Tripp about Allie and says he has to tell Marlena what's happening with her granddaughter.

Ben and Ciara's: Ben and Jake tell Rafe what happened to them. He realizes Allie kidnapped Ciara because the Devil wants their baby. Jake can't remember what he heard and Ben offers up a little of Doc's magic hypnosis.

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Doc's office: Marlena gets a call from Belle, who fills her in on what's happening with Shawn and Jan. EJ pops in to give her the news about Allie, but Marlena already knows. He tells her they have to find Samantha right now and Marlena leaves a voicemail for her.

Ben and Jake arrive. Marlena understands the baby's in danger since that's always been the Devil's goal. Ben explains what happened with Jake. Jake goes under and Marlena does her magic. Jake says he heard Allie and Ciara talk about Ben's death. They realize Allie made Ciara think that Jake was Ben and Ben is dead.

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Allie/Ciara: Allie fakes another conversation with Rafe, who urges her to get to the cabin before Evan finds her. Ciara eventually agrees. Allie tries to get Ciara to focus on her baby after they arrive at their destination. The Devil thinks it's the perfect place to have a baby.

Brady Pub: Kayla's preoccupied and not listening to a word Steve is saying. Kayla's mad that she lost her job, but Marlena and Craig still have theirs. The two play darts and Tripp arrives. He tells them what's happening with the Devil.

EJ/Rafe: EJ tells Rafe how grateful he was that Susan intervened and saved Johnny's life. EJ questions how he could never know that he was possessed, and was proud of his behavior rather than ashamed of it. EJ admits he thought Johnny looked up to Rafe more than him. Rafe encourages him to focus on the present and future.

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