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Sara Haines Talks Welcoming Rotating Guest Hosts For Season 25 of The View

Sara Haines, The View

Season 25 of The View has seen many big names sit in on the panel. Veteran host Sara Haines shared her insights with TV Insider on being part of the chatfest and the influx of new faces.

Haines returned to The View in 2020 after departing to concentrate on other projects in 2018. She mused:

I love doing it. It’s an honor to have a platform where I can share in conversations on things that I think about, things that are timely, and can be difficult to talk about. It’s an honor to be a part of The View.

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What has having a rotating list of guests been like? She dished:

I always love seeing new people so I’ve enjoyed this year. We knew at the beginning of this season that the show was going to take a breath and see who could be brought in [as guests]. It’s like having a new friend joining you and your partner for dinner. Let’s see how this goes!

I remember being new to the show. I have bonded with many of them no matter whatever their voice is. I tell [guest hosts] that they deserve their shot at this. I worry about them — not because of the panel — but because it’s a big opportunity for them. I see The View as this iconic show. I don’t ever take for granted being there. I like to comfort them. [Former View co-host] Sherri Shepherd did that for me. She said, 'Kick me under the table if you want to say something,' which I would never do, but it felt like she was taking me under her wing. I want to do that for people as well.