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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Passion Ignites as Donna Reunites With Her Honey Bear

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for May 3, 2022
Eric Forrester, Donna Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Jennifer Gareis, John McCook

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Is There Hope For the Future? Hope is trying to locate Liam just as Brooke enters the house. Hope informs her that Liam never came home last night. Thomas enters to check in on Douglas. In case he was wondering, Hope tells Thomas that Liam never came home. Brooke snidely agrees that Liam is being helpful to Steffy, but she has other folks to support her.

Thomas reminds everyone that Liam actually loves Steffy and this is just who he is. Brooke thinks Thomas is trying to undermine Hope’s marriage. Thomas tries to speak, but Brooke cuts him off and goes IN on Thomas. Hope stops them both saying she is TRYING to understand that Liam has a responsibility to their family and also to Steffy.

Supportive Flip-Flopping: Liam is waking up on Steffy’s couch with Kelly in his arms. He sort of freaks out when he checks his phone and realizes he never went home. Steffy enters the room and says Kelly has always been a daddy’s girl. She thanks him for staying the night. Liam tells Steffy he fell asleep before he could text Hope. She ignores his statement and they begin to discuss her recovery. Just then, Kelly awakens and is oh so happy that her daddy is still there. Liam puts Kelly back to bed and confirms that she still hasn’t asked about Finn.

Liam’s phone rings and it is Hope. He apologizes and explains how he fell asleep. Hope is happy he has been a help to Steffy, but wants him to come home. They hang up and Steffy wonders if Hope understands. Liam says she does. Steffy says, “does she, really?” Steffy begins to cry about how she’s trying to be strong, misses Finn, and Hayes is never going to see his daddy again. Liam tells her she has to give herself time to heal herself. He will be here for her the whole time. Liam, Steffy and Kelly are a family.

A Passion Revisited? Quinn and Eric are hanging out in his office discussing Steffy’s tragedy. Suddenly, Eric’s phone beeps and he is distracted. Then, Carter walks in distracting Quinn from Eric’s distraction. Eric invites Carter in and they all catch up on Steffy. Quinn says what Steffy and Finn shared was intense and passionate, as she stares at Carter.

They go on to discuss that Steffy’s children still don’t know the truth about Finn and of course, thank goodness Liam is there. Eric’s phone goes off again and he says he has to go play pickle ball. He rushes out which seems strange to Quinn and Carter. He asks if everything is okay. Quinn just isn’t sure. They begin to review their affair. Quinn blames herself, but is thankful that Eric has been able to forgive them both. Quinn is thrilled that she has a loyal man who is completely committed to her.

HONEY BEAR MADNESS! Across town, we see a hand reaching for a BOTTLE OF HONEY. It’s Eric IN BED WITH DONNA! She looks at him and says, “HONEY BEAR!”

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Random Thoughts:

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-Hope should lock her doors. 

-As much as this makes me cringe, does anyone else think Brooke and Thomas have chemistry?

-Both Brooke and Thomas should probably clean their own filthy kitchens before commenting on what needs to be cleaned at Hope’s house. 

-Shady Eric checking his cell phone whilst Quinn is trying to talk about his granddaughter! 

-Quinn should be smart enough to recognize what it looks like when someone is having an affair. 

-Maybe Eric hasn’t been to visit Steffy because he has been to busy dipping his toe in Lake Donna!

-When the camera panned to that honey bear, I. DIED. 

-Did anyone notice that Eric’s affair with Donna was revealed in pretty much the same shocking way as his initial affair with Quinn? 

-I LOVE Eric and Donna. 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.