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Days of Our Lives Recap: Leo Vows Revenge on Sonny and Chad

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 3, 2022
Leo Stark, Days of Our Lives

Greg Rikaart

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Hell Hath No Fury: Sonny and Chad are enjoying breakfast and reviewing the events of the double wedding. Chad says, “It was a Very Salem Wedding.” Leo enters, wondering if they really thought he was gone for good. Sonny and Chad get all self-righteous about Leo’s sins. He thinks they are pathetic and it’s clear that Sonny wants him back.

Sonny is tickled by Leo and is ecstatic that Leo had such a huge fall. Leo says that Sonny was not his type and a “D-“ in bed. He only got a passing grade because of enthusiasm. They go back and forth about their sexcapades in a way that clearly looks like flirtation, whilst Chad just looks slightly uncomfortable.

They get back into the double wedding. Leo just doesn’t understand why Sonny butted in. Craig is now just as miserable as Leo is. He goes on to explain that he would never have signed the prenup unless he loved Craig. Leo vows revenge in French and explains he is their worst nightmare. Leo exits and Sonny opens his computer to check the meaning. Maybe they should be worried. Suddenly, the computer beeps with an alert about Chad. Sonny shows him an article about his secret life with a picture of him dressed in drag.

Relationships Revisited: Craig is at the Salem Inn updating his relationship status to single. Nancy drops by. He asks if she is there to say I told you so. She’s agrees, but she’s only there to say she’s sorry. Nancy says she was fooled by love just like Craig was and he’s still her best friend. Craig can’t believe that Leo had another husband. Nancy thinks Jackie Cox looked really good in a dress. She thought Craig getting dumped would make him happy, but now she realizes he is just a good man who made mistakes. They agree they both deserve to be happy. Nancy wonders if Craig is really done with Leo because he actually brought him out of the closet. What if he’s telling the truth about falling in love with him? She completely understands how Leo fell in love with him. Leo turns up. He wants a moment alone and says please. Craig agrees and thanks Nancy for coming over. 

Maggie and Xander! (Xaggie? Mander?) Xander enters the Kiriakis living room to ask about Sarah. She says there has been no change, but suddenly wonders why he isn’t on his honeymoon with Gwen. Xander explains there were things about Gwen he didn’t know…about Sarah. Maggie doesn’t blame Xander for Gwen’s actions. She’s just frustrated. Suddenly, Maggie realizes there is still an antidote that might work for Sarah. Xander says that Rolf is in solitary because he got himself in trouble with some chemistry experiment, but he thinks he might have an idea. 

Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Gwen: At the SPD, Gwen is remembering some of the events of her wedding day. Gwen is stunned to see Jack. He explains he’s there because of Jennifer Rose. She gets into it and says she can’t imagine how her wedding day must have been for him. Jack hates what she did, but Jennifer Rose explained how Gwen is still his daughter. He could understand almost anything, but not what she did to Sarah. Gwen explains that she was sitting in her cell, thinking about how disgusted and repulsed he and Xander were. She just wonders how she got here. Gwen realizes she did everything to get what she wanted, but the result was the exact opposite. She then had a “come to Jesus” moment about her mother injecting herself over and over again to ensure she stayed the same - Jack looks so pained. While Gwen thought Kristen DiMera blackmailed her, she realized that Kristen was like her mother’s drug dealer. Gwen put the needle in her own arm. Jack doesn’t understand how Gwen could do what she did knowing what the result of what drug would be. Gwen says that Xander left her hanging waiting for Sarah’s recovery. During that time, something inside of her hardened. As she’s recounting the situation, Xander walks in. Gwen wonders why Xander didn’t just ask her for the antidote, he knows she would only do something in exchange for something else. She wants him back, but he doesn't. Xander agrees that he hates her as Jack looks miserable for Gwen. He begs her not to put the “spike” back in her arm. She explains to Xander that through all the lies she stayed true to her love for Xander. She agrees to do whatever she can to help him. 

Horton Privilege Activates: In Alice Horton’s living room, Jennifer Rose is talking to Shawn Douglas about Ciara as Abigail enters. Jennifer Rose explains that the world has gone crazy as Ciara is missing, Christian Maddox is on the loose, and Allie is possessed by the Devil. Abs wonders if this is a good time, and suddenly remembers what Gwen said about Laura’s death. Abigail tells Jennifer Rose that Gwen said (about Laura), “I killed that bitch on purpose.” Jennifer Rose doesn’t understand why Gwen would suddenly change her story. Abigail thinks either she was lying then or now. 


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-Xander returns to the Kiriakis mansion with the antidote Gwen had stashed in her hotel room. 

-At the Salem PD, Jack tells Gwen she did the right thing. They’ll have to wait and see if the antidote works. She says she is very sorry for what she did to Sarah just as Abigail and Jennifer Rose enter to ask her about murdering Laura.

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Random Thoughts:

-Sonny and Leo’s argument/flirtation about their sex life made me rethink their possible pairing…

-Billy Flynn shines when he is given more comedic scenes to play. 

-I HEART Maggie and Xander!

-Matthew Ashford as Jack did WORK when he was playing background in the scene(s) with Xander and Gwen. 

-Jennifer Rose and Abigail just barely skimming past the fact that Abigail kidnapped and attempted to drug Gwen is the essence of Horton privilege. 

-Is anyone else surprised Gwen didn’t try to leverage that antidote for her release/immunity?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap.