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Perkie's Observations: Carly Promises to Keep Harmony's Deathbed Confession to Herself on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 4, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Brando and Sasha head to the hospital to wait with Michael and Willow. Sasha heads to the bathroom to have a talk with herself about the drugs, then flushes them.

Harmony tells Carly to protect Willow at all costs. Harmony says she should have told Willow the truth when she had a chance. She says too much time has passed and Willow can never know. Harmony mentions how Willow knows her bio mother and how evil and manipulative she is. She tells Carly that Willow had a twin...Nelle. Carly realizes that she means Nina and Carly promises that Willow will be safe.

Nina tells Phyllis about Harmony's accident. Valentin shows up and Nina mentions having talked with Charlotte at boarding school. Nina mentions being available if he needs anything with Charlotte. The two discuss Bailey and how her loss affected Valentin, then brings it back around to Nina losing Nelle. Valentin asks about Sonny. Nina tries to deny anything between her and Sonny, but Valentin believes she cares about him.

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Felicia and Mac pay Robert and Anna a visit. Felicia drags Anna away to talk privately. Felicia tells Anna that she thinks Mac wants a baby. Anna wonders if Felicia wants to raise another child. Felicia says she's a grandmother and isn't sure she'd want to raise another child at her age.

Meanwhile, Mac tells Robert that he thinks Felicia wants a baby. Robert realizes that Mac wants it too and thinks he should ask Felicia directly.

Sonny gets home to an empty apartment and has a dream about being in Nixon Falls with Lenny. Sonny tells Ghost Lenny about the estrangement with Michael and his thing with Nina. When he wakes up from his dream, Sonny leaves a voicemail for Nina.

Harmony goes into cardiac arrest and dies. Willow gets back to the room and TJ tells her they did everything they could. TJ tells Sasha and Brando that Willow will need them now. Willow sits and talks to her mother and is comforted by Michael, as Carly looks on. 

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