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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor’s Threats Change Diane’s Plans

The Young and the Restless Recap for May 3, 2022
Victor Newman, Diane Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

Eric Braeden, Susan Walters

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Little Ditty Bout Victor and Diane: Diane enters her room to find Victor lounging on her couch. She quickly grabs alcohol and wonders what took him so long to come see her. He wonders how long it will take her to leave town. Diane says she knows no one cares for her, but everyone will be stunned by her resurrection. Victor thinks every bit of information she fed Nikki was a bunch of bull. Diane counters by saying that apparently only Newmans are allowed to change - and goes IN on both Nikki and Adam. She goes on to say that Kyle is the only focus of her return. Victor says that since Kyle is now attached to Summer, he is an honorary Newman. Victor gets all Victor with her before he leaves. Diane is clearly a little shaken. 

That’s What Friends Are For: Kyle is contemplating life at Society when Mariah arrives. They discuss Rey’s death and Kyle says he has heard from Lola. They shift to Mariah’s wedding and she asks him to officiate their wedding. He’s not sure if he can say yes because he is dealing with some “personal” issues. Mariah pushes and Kyle asks if they can go back to the Abbott mansion to talk. 

Mariah and Kyle are settled back at the manse. He pours a drink and explains that his mother is actually alive and here in Genoa City. Mariah (like everyone) seems underwhelmed. Kyle says she is back to try and make amends. Mariah thinks Diane is full of it, but also wants to be supportive. She goes on to say that Kyle deserves answers. Kyle says he only has questions. She thinks this must seem like a fairytale, the chance to get a second chance. Kyle concurs as this happening is everything he wished for as a child. Mariah doesn’t know how he can possibly trust her. 

Afternoon Delight: Adam and Sally are basking in the afterglow of an afternoon delight under Phyllis’ sheets. Sally wonders if they are becoming a couple. They banter about their past few months, which only solidifies their couple status. Sally moves along to ask about his visit with Sharon. Adam explains about Sharon’s grief and loss, and says he is glad he visited her. Sally seems a wee less than thrilled, but she’s glad he went to see Sharon. She is pretty confident in their relationship. Adam explains that she is someone he has never before encountered.  

Billy’s B.S.: Billy enters Crimson Lights to find Victoria doctoring her coffee. They review the events of Rey’s accident and Billy tells her nothing was her fault. Victoria doesn’t want to re-live the accident. Billy doesn’t really care and is more concerned if Ashland is still in her life. Victoria assures him that Ashland is leaving the company and having their marriage annulled. Billy takes on podcast mentality and tries to analyze Victoria. She shuts him down just as Lily enters. Victoria slams Billy and Lily wonders what is going on. Billy tries to explain by discounting Lily’s thoughts. 

Billy says he was only showing concern for the mother of his children. Lily rightfully assumes that Victoria thinks he should stay out of her business. She goes on to wonder if saving women is a pattern for him, and if that is what in store for her future. Billy goes on about Ashland. Lily explains that as a cancer survivor, she abhors Ashland’s behavior, but is really only concerned with Billy and his savior complex. 

Victor’s Gonna Victor: Victor is back at Newman Media looking for Adam when Nikki enters, desperate to find Victoria. Just then, Victoria hobbles in and Nikki tells her that Rey had a heart attack behind the wheel - she isn’t to blame. Nikki wishes she could stay and comfort her daughter, but she has a business meeting - BYE!

Victoria tries to leave, but Victor says they need to discuss Adam’s position at Newman-Locke. He thinks Adam should stay and help her run the company. Victoria is having none of it and informs Victor that the name “Locke” will be dropped. She goes on to say he needs to make a choice between Adam and her. Victor counters by reminding Victoria about all the traumas Ashland Locke has caused. Victoria tries to shut him down, but Victor is having none of her foolishness. Victoria struggles to rise from her seat and says again that if Adam stays, she goes. Just then, Adam enters and tries to be supportive. Victoria thanks him and exits. Victor tells Adam they have a problem. Adam assumes they need to talk about Victoria and Ashland. Victor quickly corrects him and says their problem is Diane Jenkins.

Final Scenes: 

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-Billy enters the lobby of the Grand Phoenix and encounters Ashland.

-Diane grabs her phone and pulls out a suitcase. She calls Jack and says Kyle’s reaction wasn’t what she hoped for. She has high hopes for more, but for now, Diane is leaving for Los Angeles. 

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Random Thoughts: 

-Victor just lounging in Diane’s hotel room tickled me. 

-Diane not flinching whilst Victor gave her the business, GAVE. ME. LIFE.

-Why is everyone in Genoa City so underwhelmed that Diane has risen from the dead? 

-I really do love Kyle and Mariah as besties. They should be played together more. 

-Adam and Sally are such old school, soap opera, refreshing, lusciousness. 

-Is anyone else just plain tired of this version of Billy?

-Did anyone else get tickled by Nikki unintentionally blowing off Victoria?

-After all these years, does Victor even realize he pits his kids against one another? 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.