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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Quinn Wonders What is Missing While Eric Tells Donna She is Exactly What He Needs

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for May 4, 2022
Quinn Fuller, The Bold and the Beautiful

Rena Sofer

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Steffy’s Support: Steffy is trying to hold it together with Liam by her side. Liam is being Liam, telling her they are going to get through this tragedy together. As Liam exits, Taylor and Ridge take over and try their best to support their offspring. Steffy goes into her room to rest, leaving her parents to fret about her well-being. Taylor and Ridge agree it is great they are supporting their family together.

Hope’s Struggle: Liam finally returns home. Brooke snarks at him and reminds him that Steffy has a huge support system. He can now put his focus where it belongs, at home with his current family. Hope defends Liam’s actions, but also reinforces Brooke’s assertion that Steffy has an amazing support system. Liam mentions that Ridge and Taylor are there. Brooke side-eyes him and asks how Ridge is. Liam says that as a family, they are really pulling together. Brooke’s heart is broken knowing that he isn’t coming home.

Adulterous Past: Quinn is explaining to Carter how she is trying to re-establish trust in her marriage. She loves Eric, but wishes he was around more often. She’s glad he’s being more active playing “pickle ball” at the club. Quinn loves that Carter is there to talk to her, and appreciates how much he validated what she had to offer. She says she needs to be patient and positive - qualities she doesn’t excel at. Quinn has to have faith in Eric’s love. Carter thinks Eric should take a long vacation with Quinn…they look longingly at each other and agree they will never be involved with someone who is committed to someone else.

Adulterous Present: Eric is being bed with Donna. He tells Donna she makes him feel lighter. She agrees…even though he is a married man. Donna never thought they would be like this again. She’s wanted to make him happy like she knew she could. Eric says he has always wanted to be this happy for a long time. Donna says everyone deserves someone to excite them. Eric is getting dressed as Donna prances around in her unmentionables and loves that Eric is sharing a particular “part” of his life with her. He assures her that what they are sharing is exactly what he needs. There is nothing Donna enjoys more than putting a smile on his face. He is the great love of her life - her honey bear.


-Brooke returns to the main house and wonders aloud why Ridge won’t return home.

-At the beach house, Ridge says again he is glad they are around to support Steffy. Taylor freaks out about how long she was gone and how much she missed. Ridge calls her “Doc” which reminds her of happier times….that don’t exist right now. Ridge calms her down and assures Taylor he isn’t going anywhere…and kisses her. 

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Random Thoughts:

-Where are Jack and Li? Aren’t they a part of Steffy’s support system?

-Hope’s concern about Liam and Steffy is understandable, but shouldn’t it be relegated to her discussions with Brooke?

-Hope and Brooke come off like selfish cows in this storyline. 

-Quinn’s comments about Eric playing “pickle ball” made me giggle. 

-Am I the only one who could literally watch Quinn and Carter read the phone book? Le sigh…

-Does anyone else ADORE Donna and her honey bear Eric? I just love them. 

-Dear B&B, please let us have nice things. Please give us Quinn and Carter as a couple and Eric and Donna as a couple - XOXO

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.