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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen Refuses to Give Abigail the Truth About Laura's Death

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 4, 2022
Gwen Rizczech, Days of Our Lives

Emily O'Brien

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton Square: Nancy runs into Clyde and gives him hell for standing her up. Clyde explains that Ben went missing because of the Devil. Clyde shows her an online story and Nancy softens. He offers to take her to lunch.

Brady and Chloe wander in and Chloe asks why Nancy's with "this guy." Chloe tells her mother she's going on a date "over her dead body." Nancy's says she's aware he's an ex-con.

Salem Inn: Leo admits he wanted money and power, but now he only wants Craig. Leo explains he doesn't love Darius, but only tried to help him get into the US. Craig doesn't really know if he should believe him, but Leo tells him all the ways he showed Craig he loves him. He apologizes for everything he did and explains why he signed the prenup. Leo asks if they can start over, but Craig doesn't trust him. He declares them done and tells Leo his stuff is downstairs.

Chloe visits Craig, who accepts her apology. He knows she did it out of love. Craig tells her that he's going back to New York. Craig says he resigned as Chief of Staff and says he didn't feel comfortable with the way he got the job.

Salem PD: Abigail and Jennifer tell Jack what Gwen said about Laura's death, but Gwen denies it. She blames Abigail for wanting to take her down another peg, but Jennifer says Gwen doesn't get to play the victim. Gwen says she just had to get in the last word. She admits to Jennifer she told her the truth about it being an accident.

Abigail questions Gwen's motives, but Gwen snaps back that Abigail can't be that perfect to not understand a base impulse. Gwen claims she couldn't punch Abigail physically because she was handcuffed, so she used words instead.

Jack tells them Gwen helped Xander get the antidote for Sarah. Abigail claims it's only because her back's against the wall. Jennifer tells Jack he will support his decision about Gwen, but won't accept her into the family again. She and Abigail leave. Jack assures Gwen she'll always be her daughter, but is uncertain about their future as a family.

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DiMera mansion: Chad is furious about the lies Leo told the Intruder about their non-existent relationship. Sonny tries to stop him, but Chad tells him to shut up. He threatens to sue the Intruder, but Sonny points out the story is true. Chad wants to know why Sonny isn't in the article and wonders if he's next. Chad makes a call to the reporter, but doesn't get anywhere.

Brady Pub: Clyde offers Nancy an "out" for dating him. He doesn't want to come between Nancy and her daughter, but she doesn't want to back out.

Horton house: Jack approaches Jennifer, who is looking at a picture of Laura. Jennifer admits that after what Laura did to Jack, she doesn't blame Gwen for feeling the way she did about her mother. Jack doesn't know which truth to believe.

Abigail/Gwen: Abigail returns alone. She wants to know if Gwen really killed her grandmother. Gwen gets a thrill out of Abigail not knowing the truth and tells her she will never know.

Back to The Square: Sonny and Brady talk about the article. As they wonder why they escaped unscathed, Leo tells them that he's staying in Salem and is coming for all of them.

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Random Thoughts:

-I know Clyde's and ex-con, but don't Brady and Chloe know about his abusive past?

-How Seinfeld was Chad..."I was outed! And I wasn't even in!"

-Revenge is sweet and Leo knows how to dish it up cold.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap.