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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila’s Presence Triggers Steffy’s Memory

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for May 5, 2022
Sheila Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Deacon Tries and Sheila Lies: Sheila is in her hotel room looking through Finn’s wallet and fingering his wedding ring. Flashback: Sheila crying about accidentally shooting Finn when she was trying to kill Steffy. Just then, Deacon comes a-knockin' with some soup.

Sheila asks if losing Finn is her karma. Deacon explains that Finn died as a result of a “cold-blooded, random attack” - and she had nothing to do with it. Sheila deflects by saying she misses Finn.

The only thing that could help ease the pain is seeing Hayes. Sheila is furious with Li for not allowing her to see her son’s body. Deacon goes back to the main point and says going to see Hayes is a huge mistake. Sheila has no time for his foolishness. She needs to see her grandson. 

Steffy’s Frustration: Taylor is comforting Steffy, who is distraught about Finn. There is nothing she can do but try and find the monster who took him away. Steffy is so frustrated because she can’t remember anything about that horrible night. Taylor explains that she is still in recovery and needs be patient with herself.

Taylor explains that a trigger could happen at any time and her memories could come flooding back. Just then, Sheila arrives. She knows she could have called, but was concerned Steffy would keep her away. Taylor explains that Steffy doesn’t need any more stress. Sheila appeals to Taylor by saying that she needs to be close to Hayes. Taylor invites her in and wants to make sure she isn’t thinking about harming herself. Sheila tells her she’s not in that place right now.

Steffy emerges from the bedroom and is beyond annoyed that Sheila is in the house. Taylor tries to smooth things over and explain why Sheila wants to see Hayes. Steffy is having NONE OF IT. Sheila capitulates and says she will leave, but before she goes, wants to say how sorry she is about Finn’s passing. Steffy stops her from leaving and says she’s not going anywhere - Flashback: Sheila’s face!

Quinn and Carter…Le Sigh: Quinn walks into the Forrester communal office to ask Carter which piece of original jewelry he likes. Carter is curious about how things went with Eric the night before. Quinn doesn’t think she should be discussing her relationship with Carter. They both agree they are trouble together, in the most flirtatious way.

Carter thinks he is in trouble because of Paris. Quinn has no time for Paris since she blew their lives apart…and is Zoe’s sister. Carter explains they “just happened” but that’s over now. He goes on to say that Paris isn’t in love with Zende. Quinn doesn’t get it. Zende is wonderful. What more could Paris want?

Quinn admits she doesn’t like Paris, but understands why she fell in love with Carter. She knows what it’s like to be alone with his amazing sexual charisma…his super powers! Quinn is convinced he doesn’t feel about her the way she feels about him. 

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Bless Zende’s Heart: Paris visits Zende in a side office. Zende wants her to speak her mind about what is troubling her. She is troubled about her feelings for him. They devolve into complimenting each other -  as they are both amazing.

Zende wonders if she is ending things between them. He goes on to say he doesn’t understand because he thought they still had a connection. Paris explains that somewhere in the process her feelings shifted. Zende wants to know if something is missing between them or is there someone else? She admits there is someone else...Carter. 

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Random Thoughts:

-Taylor’s therapeutic framework and lack of memory about SHEILA FREAKING CARTER is somewhat bothersome. 

-Does anyone else think Steffy’s memory flashbacks are happening too soon? 

-Deacon bringing Sheila soup is both sad and adorable. 

-Quinn and Carter are still EVERYTHING.

-Is anyone else enjoying Quinn and Carter more this time around? It feels like they are actually building a friendship that could add to their amazing sexual chemistry!

-Bless Zende’s heart!

-Where is Grace? 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.