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James Read Dishes Clyde's Love Life on Days of Our Lives

Has Clyde (James Read) turned a corner on Days of Our Lives? The villain seems like he might have turned over a new leaf in his personal life. Read spoke to Soap Opera Digest about Clyde's latest romantic entanglement.

First of all, he's now working at the Brady Pub, and his ex, Kate (Lauren Koslow), lives just upstairs. The actor shared:

That adds a little spice to the stew. It’s a great touchstone for Clyde, and it gives the audience an opportunity to wonder what might happen between them.

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These days, though, Clyde's attentions are focused mostly on one woman: Nancy Wesley! Read said:

To be honest, I had never seen or met Patrika [Darbo, Nancy] in all the years I’ve been on the show. So, to me, it was a brand-new character and completely out of left field. I had no idea where it was going or what Clyde’s level of sincerity was. It has been and continues to be a fun exploration. 

He is enjoying working with Darbo, saying:

She’s just a barrel of laughs. She keeps me on my toes, and I love trying to make her laugh. I think the intention of the story is to show everybody that it definitely has legs.