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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Urges Carly to End Her Grudge Against Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 6, 2022
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Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Willow doesn't believe that Harmony wasn't her mother, but Carly confirms what Harmony told her. Willow continues to believe it's a lie, saying her mother loved her. Carly says Harmony was desperate to keep it a secret, which is why she tried to kill her and Alexis.

Willow mentions the missing birth certificate and Dante says, according to Alexis, the one Harmony had was forged. Carly says Harmony took Willow as a baby and claimed her as her own. Willow says she needs to know the whole truth and asks what Harmony may have told Carly. Carly refuses to say anything and Dante mentions that Willow should take a DNA test to confirm Harmony isn't her mother. Carly says she told Harmony she would protect Willow and she will, but Willow wonders what she needs protecting from. Willow wonders who her birth mother really is.

Nina hunts down Scotty to discuss her case. She says she received a copy of the first part of the story on her and how Michael and Willow are out to sabotage her. Scotty says he can't do anything about Grant since it's all public record. Scotty says with Harmony's death, they should go to Michael and Willow's lawyer and drop everything. Diane arrives in time to overhear and tells them they're going to court.

Diane tells Nina to drop the story if she cares about Wiley. Nina complains about Willow, but Diane says they are Wiley's parents and it is their job to protect him. Diane says Nina has a history of mental instability and to withdraw her claim. Nina says she'll drag Michael and Willow through the mud with her. Nina says Wiley needs all his family members around him, but Diane doesn't agree. Nina tells Scotty they're going to war, so Scotty tells her to let him put Sonny on the stand. Nina tells him to leave Sonny out of it, but Michael and Willow are fair game. Nina tells Scotty to find something on Willow.

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Sasha's suffering from headaches and has a CT scan. TJ says she's fine, but asks if she wants medication for the headaches. He gives her a prescription for something non=addictive. The paparazzi photographer shows up and the two argue. The guy wants his memory card, then offers to get her more pills in exchange.

Valentin interrupts Gladys as she's looking at the photos on the memory card Valentin points out a photo of Sasha picking up her pill bottle. Gladys claims the pills are a prescription for grief. Valentin points out that Sasha has a history of drug abuse and is worried since she's the face of Deception.

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Dex stops by Sonny's office with his resume, but Sonny says Chet put in a good word for him. Sonny needs to know if he can trust Dex. He warns Dex that he'll need to follow the rules and be smart. Dex says he has combat experience and can handle himself.

Brando talks to Sonny about Sasha and the accident. Sonny tells him to help Sasha cope, but Brando says he can't get through to Sasha and is looking for advice. Sonny says Sasha is in pain and not to wait for her to come to him. Sonny tells Brando not to ignore any warning signs.

Sasha meets with Gladys who wants to get rid of the memory card, but Sasha tells her the photographer wants it back. She believes he'll leave her alone if she gives it back, but Gladys disagrees. Gladys promises to protect Sasha no matter what .

Curtis talks to Jordan about Marshall and how he got the information he needed. Jordan worries that Curtis crossed the line and wonders if it was worth it to get the information. TJ shows Curtis the clarinet that Marshall left behind. Curtis tells him Marshall left town because of him.

Jordan runs into Dante and tells him they need to find out who Willow's mother really was. She says someone out there is missing their daughter.

Valentin comes across Carly and asks about Willow. He says Willow doesn't have to suffer a long court battle with Nina if Carly helps make peace. Carly says Nina kept Sonny from his family. Valentin says Wiley is Nina's grandson as well and they need to end the battle.

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