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Perkie's Observations: Cameron Helps Spencer Trap Esme on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 9, 2022
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Cameron Webber, General Hospital

William Lipton

On today's General Hospital recap: TJ wants Curtis to find Marshall and bring him back, but Curtis refuses. Curtis says he's trying to protect his family, but TJ wonders if everything he's done was worth losing his father. TJ's upset that his grandfather was making an effort, but left town without saying goodbye. Curtis says it was Marshall's choice to leave and tells TJ the truth about Marshall's arrest. TJ says he's not giving up on Marshall and will find him.

Carly says Valentin is to blame for costing Nina a relationship with Nelle, but he insists Carly needs to bury the hatchet with Nina. Valentin says Carly has everything Nina wants, but Carly points out that Nina has her husband. Carly says Nina isn't a victim and mentions all the people, like Valentin, who come to her.

Valentin counters that Nina has been exploited by everyone and wonders if there is any part of Carly's big heart that feels for Nina. Carly refuses to see Nina in a better light and says it's not Wiley's job to be Nina's support. Valentin mentions how supportive Phyllis is to Nina and Carly asks if Phyllis was there when Nina gave birth.

Chet meets Terry for a date. He talks about his work with veterans and apologizes for being dishonest about his prosthetic legs. Terry disagrees and promises she's in awe of his bravery. Terry mentions how hard it was for her to tell him about being a trans woman, but he agrees that it's about being true to themselves. Terry mentions a dust up she had with someone at work and Chet mentions that his sister Amy works at GH.

Esme gets a letter from her former nanny Maggie, where she reminds Esme not to have a relationship with her biological father. Esme hides the letter in a box with others.

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Josslyn and Trina head to the yoga studio and they happen to run into Rory. Josslyn notices Trina checking him out, and Trina defends the police officer. Rory talks to the girls before Josslyn leaves them to chat and lightly flirt. Esme shows up in time to overhear Rory and Trina get flirty. After Rory leaves, Josslyn and Trina discuss the case, and Josslyn feels there must be evidence out there proving Esme was responsible.

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Cameron asks Spencer about the latest on Esme and whether he's found anything to help Trina. Spencer says Esme is brilliant at covering her tracks. Spencer says he's cut off the intimacy, which is causing trust issues with Esme. Spencer says he hasn't been able to search her belongings, so Cameron says they need to tell Josslyn and Trina the truth. Spencer points out that Josslyn is a hothead (that got a chuckle out of me!) and Esme will push her buttons. Spencer says he needs more time, but Cameron reminds him that Trina's trial date is getting closer. Cameron is certain there is physical evidence of a link between Esme and the tape, and offers to deflect Esme when she comes looking for Spencer.

Esme shows up at Kelly's looking for Spencer and Cameron manages to distract her a little while Spencer heads home to snoop in Esme's room. Spencer checks the closet and finds the box of letters.

Cameron lays it on thick for Esme that Spencer has her back and not to give up on him. Cameron promises to treat Esme as she deserves. Josslyn shows up and is not amused to see Esme all over Cameron.

Nina joins Ava and tells her she's going after Willow. Ava tells her that Grant Smoltz contacted her for a comment about Nina's involvement in Avery's birth. Nina blames Michael and Willow for bringing that up, but Ava reminds her it's on the public record. Nina swears she wasn't in her right mind at the time and has worked on herself. Ava promises she didn't say anything to the reporter.

Ava asks about Sonny and how things are going with him, but Nina denies anything between them. Amy happens by and when Nina makes nice, Amy joins them at the table. Amy complains to them about Terry being mean to her about her spa day. As Amy is leaving, she runs into a fellow nurse who mentions seeing Chet and Terry on a date.

Ava tells Nina about Esme and how she's trying to manipulate Nikolas, then complains about Spencer. Ava jokes that if Nina marries Sonny, she'll be Donna's stepmother and that would make Carly's head explode! Ava warns Nina if she goes after Michael, Carly will come after her, but Nina says Carly kept her from Nelle and won't keep her from Wiley, just as Carly arrives. 

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