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WATCH: B&B's Jennifer Gareis and John McCook Talk Donna and Eric 2.0 on Bold Live (VIDEO)

The Bold and the Beautiful's Eric (John McCook) and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) are currently conducting an affair on the side. To talk all things B&B and their characters' developing relationship, the actors themselves visited Bold Live on May 6.

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Asked what his favorite scenes with Gareis were, McCook said:

I think, for me, my favorite scenes between the two of us are the ones we’ve just been doing for the last couple of weeks. And then I see this one, from when you got out of the swimming pool, and I’m like, that might be my favorite as well. But I think we’re trying to, we’re beginning to, explore a really wonderful new place between Eric and Donna, and I have high hopes for it continuing because these people are a lot older than they were when they were first together, and so we’ve all grown together on the show and all the viewers too. So I’m hoping that this evolves even more, but my favorite scenes with Donna are the ones I’m going to get to play this week.

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What was it like for Gareis to film romantic scenes with McCook again? She shared:

Okay, so first of all, I squealed as well when I read that in the script. I was like, Oh my God, so perfect! It was just so perfect, out of the blue. I had no idea but of course, just like my first week on Bold and the Beautiful, I’m in lingerie. It just seems to a be a thing and you know what, it’s okay. I’m used to it.

Eric's affair with Donna is igniting just as his wife Quinn (Rena Sofer) is feeling some lingering passion for Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Reflecting on Eric's changing reaction to the "Quarter" affair, McCook mused:

But at first, he was hurt by it, of course, you know, but then as we looked at the story and as these characters examine the complexity of these relationships, they decide different things and they react different ways as time goes by. So Eric's opinion’s of Rena’s—of Quinn’s—feelings for Carter has changed up and down over time and it’s about to change again, I think.

Watch the full interview below.