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Days of Our Lives Recap: Lani Pops a Cap in TR When He Raises a Hand to Paulina

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 9, 2022
Lani Price, Days of Our Lives

Sal Stowers

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Eli tells Lani that TR shot him, not Frank. Eli says he remembers everything that happened that day. Eli explains he found the truth out about TR...he's still using and abusing. Lani tells Eli about Beth's visit to the hospital and she realizes she missed the clues right in front of her. Eli urges her not to deal with TR by herself. Lani tells her that Paulina's with TR.

Lani tries to warn Paulina and leaves a voicemail. She leaves Eli to find her mother and runs into Julie. Julie tells her Abe went to see Paulina and Lani runs out. Julie visits with Eli and tells her about her run-in with Lani. Eli fills her in. Julie wonders if she put Abe and Paulina in danger.

Paulina's: TR refuses to let Abe into Paulina's apartment. TR tells Abe he and Paulina are going away for a few days. Abe gets a call that Eli's awake and needs to tell Paulina. When Abe comes into the apartment, TR clubs him with a baseball bat.

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Paulina misses Lani's calls and TR tries to rush her out of the apartment. She's not sure it's a good time to leave, but TR says they're only a phone call away. Abe groans from the behind the couch and Paulina sees him.

Paulina finds her phone and TR takes it away from her. He tells her she can't call Lani. Paulina accuses him of being the same man he always was. He raises his hand to hit her and she tells him she's not scared of him like she used to be. Lani busts in the door and when TR tries to explain, she shoots him down.

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Horton cabin: Ben and Ciara are you reunited. She tells Ben everything that happened, including that AllDevil kidnapped the wee baby Bo. Rafe shows up at the cabin to rescue Ciara. He promises to find Bo and Ben offers to take Ciara to the hospital.

DiMera crypt: AllDevil brings the wee baby Bo to the crypt. Evan drops in. He gets creeped out when AllDevil shows him the baby and reveals herself as the Devil. Evan wants to know what her plans are for the baby. She tells Evan that Allie's fighting her too much and plans on using Bo as her host. AllDevil tells Evan she wants him to kill Ciara and Ben.

Ciara's room: Ciara's in the hospital getting fluids. Ben reassures her that she needs to get healthy and strong for Bo. Ciara tells Ben to leave her and go help the others find their son.

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