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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Nina Butt Heads on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 10, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Ned wants Drew to call off the merger between Aurora and ELQ ,but Drew says it would protect them from future takeovers and dilute Valentin's shares. Ned says if the merger goes through, he will be out in the cold.

Michael says they're just in talks and Drew reassures Ned it would be an equal merger. Ned wants to be a part of all the discussions moving forward, but both Drew and Michael reassure him it will all work out.

When alone, Ned says he and Michael have worked hard to get ELQ back from Valentin, and feels like he's now being tossed away. Michael promises that Ned isn't being kicked out and nothing has been decided.

Josslyn warns Esme from talking to Cameron, but Esme points out that Cameron is on her side. Josslyn wants Esme to confess, but she continues to play the victim. Cameron tries to text a warning to Spencer, but Josslyn has her panties in a bunch over his intentions to her.

Trina doesn't understand why he's supporting Esme and Josslyn says he needs to stay away from both Esme and Spencer. Trina warns them not to let Esme win, then leaves.

Josslyn accuses Cameron of hurting Trina. Josslyn tells Cameron to let Esme walk away next time and not give her a shoulder to cry on. Cameron says Esme pushes Josslyn's buttons too quickly and says he doesn't want to escalate things.

Spencer finds a bottle of pills in Esme's box of goodies. Spencer gets the text from Cameron. but starts reading the letters. Esme comes home and gets angry at Spencer for going through her things. Spencer says he read the letters from Maggie and points out she lied about losing contact with her nanny.

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Esme accuses Spencer of snooping in her things and how he doesn't trust her. Spencer says she doesn't trust him, but Esme questions what he thought he would find in her things. Spencer says he was trying to find out what he doesn't know. He picks up the letter and asks what Maggie meant when she told Esme to stay away from her father.

Carly calls Nina a victim, who in turn say Michael and Willow have backed her into a corner. Carly doesn't understand why Ava is still Nina's friend, but she says people change. Nina tells Carly that all she wants is peace. After Ava leaves, Nina asks Carly to sit with her.

Alexis stops by to talk to Willow about Harmony. Alexis admits she knew that Harmony wasn't Willow's mother when she came to her about the birth certificate. Alexis tells Willow the story of the woman on the commune giving birth and the baby being given to Harmony, but Willow doesn't believe it. Alexis says she told Harmony to tell Willow the truth, but she didn't want to lose Willow. Willow can't believe Harmony lied to for her whole life and wonders if her father knew the truth. Willow says she needs to know who her parents are.

Trina tells Ava she found Esme hugging Cameron, and believes Esme is trying to drive a wedge between them. Trina thanks Ava for her support and asks for her help in proving Esme did this. Trina thinks Ava can out-scheme Esme and Ava tells Trina to make a play for Spencer, which will set off Esme. Ava believes it will be enough to get Esme to trip herself up. Trina doesn't believe she can pull that off but admits she has something else she's holding onto and will use it if needed.

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Nina offers condolences to Willow, but Carly's not having it. Nina believes Wiley should be told what happened to Harmony, but Carly doesn't think he's old enough to process it  

Carly says Nina is too selfish to do what's right for Wiley. Nina says she loves Wiley and deserves to be in his life, but, Carly disagrees.

Phyllis arrives to break up the argument. Carly claims she's there to check on Phyllis after the robbery, but eventually brings the conversation to Nina's coma and Madeline's involvement. Carly mentions Phyllis being there for Nina during the birth, but Phyllis says she wasn't there when the baby was born. She says Madeline gave her the baby after the fact to deliver to the adoptive parents. Carly asks who was there when Nelle was born. but Phyllis claims not to know.

Phyllis knows there is no love lost between Carly and Nina but says she's rooting for Nina to get to know Wylie. Carly spots the glass Nina was drinking from and takes it, which Drew sees as he arrives.