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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Gets Physical With Nikolas on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 11, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Esme wants them to get back to what they had and needs to be fully transparent. Spencer says the letter from Maggie doesn't make sense and asks if Esme knows who her bio parents really are. Esme swears she would have told Spencer if she knew who her father is.

Esme says she's been feeling alone, so she reached out to Maggie and asked about her biological parents. Esme claims Maggie had no information, so she stopped communicating with her and swears that to be the truth. Esme asks if he believes in her, in them.

Spencer apologizes for not believing in her and Esme reminds him that she's the one who's always been there for him. The two start to make out, but when she reaches for his belt buckle, Spencer stops her. Spencer says they need to reconnect correctly so they can make a fresh start.

Spencer sends Britt a text to meet so he can discuss the pill he found in Esme's things.

Drew tells Carly that he saw her take Nina's glass and wonders why. Carly says she can't give him details, but admits that information came into her lap. She says she would tell Jason and he would support her, but Drew says he's not Jason. Drew promises to help, so Carly tells him about Harmony's deathbed confession about Nina and Willow.

Drew is confused. Carly explains that Nelle and Willow would be twins and the only way to prove or disprove is with a DNA test, so she grabbed Nina's glass. Carly says Willow doesn't know and won't add to her grief in case it isn't true. Drew points out that she doesn't have any of Willow's DNA and Carly says Drew lives on the same property and can get into the gatehouse.

Willow tells Michael that she's decided to get the DNA test to prove that Harmony wasn't her mother.

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Nina stops by the cemetery to talk to Nelle's grave. Nina promises that Nelle won't be forgotten, as Michael and Willow arrive. Michael says they're on the way to Willow's son's grave and Nina says she understands the grief Willow is going through. Willow says if Nina wants to help Willow to feel better, she should stop the hearing from happening.

Nina says she always tried to compromise with her, but Willow loses it, screaming that Nina has never backed off when asked. Nina says she has rights to her grandson, though Michael disagrees.

Liz lets Finn know that Nikolas offered her safe refuge on Spoon Island. But first, she stops by her house to meet with Chelsea the medium. Chelsea sets up the room and asks for a personal item, so Liz gives her the wedding ring. Chelsea does her thing and tells Liz there is a dark presence in the house and she's not safe. She says this person does not like the new family Liz is creating. Liz doesn't believe Franco wouldn't want her to be happy.

Laura finds Sonny distracted. He mentions the memorial service for Jason (that hasn't happened yet??) and where the plaque should be. Laura tells him about the Invader feature on Nina. Nikolas happens by and says he read the piece. He argues with Sonny about kidnapping Esme. Sonny calls Nikolas an idiot and starts to walk away. Nikolas puts his hand on Sonny's shoulder to stop him and Sonny grabs his arm, bending his hand. He yells at Nikolas and Laura is forced to break it up, as Martin arrives.

After Sonny leaves, Nikolas goes on a tirade about Sonny and his treatment of Esme, but Laura is quick to point out that Esme likes to play the victim and Nikolas is falling for it. Nikolas says he doesn't believe Esme is guilty of the sex tape. Nikolas heads to the hospital to have his hand checked out and runs into Finn, who thanks him for letting Liz stay at Wyndemere. Nikolas says he hasn't spoken with Liz so Finn wonders where she is.

Sonny comes across Michael, Willow, and Nina arguing in the cemetery. Michael tells him to prove himself by telling Nina to back off. Sonny warns Michael not to give him orders. Nina apologizes to Willow for what she said. After they leave, Nina wonders if they should keep their distance until the hearing is over and Sonny agrees.

Drew lets Carly into the gatehouse where she finds something of Willow's. Michael and Willow arrive home to find them there.

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