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Michael Strahan Heads to Iceland For Good Morning America's Extraordinary Earth Series

Michael Strahan, Good Morning America

Good Morning America co-anchor Michael Strahan is headed north! The ex-NFL pro will travel to Iceland as part of GMA's Extraordinary Earth series, according to TV Insider.

This venture will see Strahan explore the diverse wildlife and landscapes Iceland has to offer, as well as how these are being impacted by climate change. Strahan is expected to go whale watching, interview experts about how increased water temperatures are affecting the Nordic nation's ecosystems, and observe puffins in the wild. Strahan will also investigate how the Icelandic people are utilizing existing natural resources, like the presence of boiling water underground, in agriculture.

Good Morning America’s Extraordinary Earth: Live from Iceland! will premiere Tuesday, May 17, at 7 AM EST; the series spans four days.

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