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Peter Bergman Talks Abbott Family Resurgence on The Young and The Restless

Peter Bergman

The Young and the Restless' Jack (Peter Bergman) is currently at the center of plenty of drama. With his siblings home to chide newly-resurrected Diane (Susan Walters), welcome back Kyle (Michael Mealor), and greet Allie (Kelsey Wang), the cosmetics heir is pretty busy. Bergman chatted with Soap Opera Digest about the resurgence of his character's family.

Bergman expressed his excitement at the Abbotts' increased presence on screen, saying:

I have been involved in other people’s stories, which I thoroughly enjoy, but my way of thinking has always been, ‘When are we going to re-establish the Abbott family?’ Jack has been wandering around that house for a long time by himself with the occasional visit from Billy [Jason Thompson]. I am more thrilled to see the Abbotts back in the forefront because of this story.

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Each Abbott sibling feels differently about the challenging issues presented to them. Bergman mused:

I love that it’s generating a range of opinions. Traci [Beth Maitland] has a perspective on this, Ashley [Eileen Davidson] has a perspective on this and Billy has a perspective on this that have yet to be explored and I’m looking forward to that. It really ties the Abbotts together. The Abbott family is on the march. There’s a lot of good stuff coming up and I couldn’t be happier.

And Billy and Jack's relationship is evolving, as the playboy is now looking out for the patriarch. Bergman commented:

 At one point, Billy tried to give a little advice about Phyllis [Michelle Stafford] and Jack shuts him down and you could see the regret in his eyes of, ‘I’m sorry I went there. I just wanna help because I care.’