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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen Bids a Heartfelt Goodbye to Xander

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 12, 2022
Gwen Rizczech, Days of Our Lives

Emily O'Brien

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Sarah's alert, and recognizes Maggie and Xander. She insists she feels fine and Xander gives her a big hug. Maggie says she has to run an errand and will be back ASAP.

Kayla tells Xander that Sarah seems okay, but wants to run some more scans to make sure Sarah's on the mend. Kayla leaves, and Sarah and Xander kiss.

DiMera mansion: Tony sees Anna with luggage and wonders where she's going since her trial starts tomorrow. Anna tries to lie, but Tony tells her she doesn't need to run away. Tony tries to keep her, but she heads for the door and runs into Maggie. Maggie tells Anna she's going to drop the charges against her because Sarah's okay. Anna and Tony are grateful and celebrate with champagne.

Salem PD: Gwen asks Ava what the catch is in exchange for her freedom. Ava claims she's trying to make it up to her. Gwen is still suspicious, so Ava gives her the number to a burner phone and leaves Gwen to decide.

Gwen's surprised to see Jack pop in. He says wants to help her stop causing people pain. She's his daughter and thinks he can help her change. Jack says he hired Justin, who was able to get a guilty plea in exchange for a 5-year sentence. He tells her to call Justin if she accepts the terms.

Gwen's surprised to see Xander pop in (feel the theme?). Xander tells her the antidote worked on Sarah and thanks Gwen. Gwen tells Xander about Jack and Justin's offer. She runs down memory lane with Xander about their relationship. Gwen talks about they type of people they are, but somehow were able to find love together. Gwen admits she was wrong and will always have regrets. Gwen gives him back the ring and the two say goodbye.

Gwen makes a call to Ava and turns down her offer because she plans to go the straight and narrow. Ava wishes her luck.

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Back in Sarah's room: Maggie returns and Sarah says she can't wait to leave the hospital. Sarah complains about the pigtails and Maggie offers to cut them off. Xander comes in and loves the new look. Sarah asks when she can see her baby.

On the way to the DiMera crypt: Anna and Tony talk about Renée. The two go to the crypt to pay their respects to her. As the two leave, they find a pacifier and realize it must be where Allie brought the wee baby Bo.

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Random Thoughts:

-Anna: "I have turned Sarah into a rutabaga." HAHAHA.

-Ava: "Rafe Hernandez and his merry band of idiots?" Truer words...

-It's almost like Gwen's not in jail. She's seen more people there than in Horton Square.

-Sarah's back, except for that missing chunk of time, but at least she's Sarah.

-I liked Anna and Tony's tributes to Renée. Anna was cordial and supportive, and Tony was thoughtful and full of love.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap. 

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