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Robert Newman Delves Into The Mindset of The Young and The Restless' Ashland

Robert Newman, The Young and the Restless, Guiding Light

Robert Newman (Ashland, The Young and the Restless; ex-Josh, Guiding Light) has plenty of daytime experience to draw on for his role as the Locke Ness Monster. So the veteran thespian is able to understand how and why his character does what he does.

He explained to Soap Opera Digest:

I’m walking a very fine line with this character. I’m trying to keep him interesting and multilayered, multifaceted and even, in some cases, charming. I want to give credit to [showrunner] Josh [Griffith] on this, because we have had some long conversations where he is continually guiding me through this, through the mind of Ashland Locke. I think that for me, a go-to has always been to play everything as real and sincere and true, and I think that Ashland is trying to play everything as all of those things. I think his driving force is his love for Victoria [Amelia Heinle] and I think he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her in his world. I think he’s created an alternate reality that exists up in his head that makes him feel less like he’s manipulating Victoria and more like he’s trying to salvage their love and their relationship with each other.

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Plus, compared to some of Victoria's family members, Ashland might come across as such a bad guy. Newman mused:

We’ve had a couple of scenes where Victoria sort of arbitrarily tells me about things Adam [Mark Grossman] has done in the past, and in rehearsal, I’m like, ‘Hold on. She’s just told me this piece of information that’s horrible and despicable! Do I just let that go by? How do I even respond to that?’ And then Victor [Eric Braeden], of course, has done terrible things — they’ve all done terrible things! And maybe the idea of lying about having a disease like cancer is marginally worse than those terrible things, but it’s just an array of terrible things! It’s not like I’m working in a world of saints and I’m the bad guy. We’re all bad guys! It’s just the degree of bad guy, you know?

And Josh had plenty more unusual things to deal with in Springfield. Newman said:

I’ve always said, ever since the clone storyline, I can justify anything that’s thrown at me in daytime! I mean, I was able to justify cloning my dead wife and growing her from birth to 40 in six weeks with a rapid growth formula, so everything after that is [a breeze]!