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Perkie's Observations: Ryan's Not Happy With Esme's Lack of Progress on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 12, 2022
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Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

On today's General Hospital recap: Finn's worried about Liz when she doesn't end up at Wyndemere as she told him. Laura's looking for Liz as well and tells Finn how Lucy gave Liz Chelsea's name.

Liz announces to the spirit she's here and ready to listen if he sends her a sign. The door blows open and out go the candles. Franco's spirit inhabits Chelsea, who speaks to Liz and talks gibberish. Liz believes it's Franco.

Laura and Finn show up. Liz is upset with their arrival, telling them they scared Franco's spirit away. Liz says Franco has been the one doing all these things and it's been him all along. Finn and Laura are not as convinced. Laura wants Liz to come home with her. Liz says there is no reason to be afraid anymore since it was Franco all along. Laura convinces Liz to go with her, but Finn stays behind and accuses Chelsea of lying to Liz. Chelsea says she's not lying, but Finn is. Chelsea says she gave comfort and support to Liz, but Finn isn't doing anything to help her.

Spencer meets Britt to ask for help with the pill he found. He asks her what it is and Britt looks it up. She gets serious and demands he tell her where he got it from. Britt tells him it's an opioid analgesic for severe pain management and its very habit forming.

Spencer says it's Esme's and asks what happens when it's mixed with alcohol. Britt explains the meds, along with alcohol, could cause a feeling of intense drunkenness and possibly cause black outs. Britt says she needs to stop Esme from taking the meds, but Spencer says he'll handle things. The two get into an argument about relationships. Spencer is pretty cruel to her.

Esme pays Ryan a visit to update him that Nikolas and Ava are on shaky ground, and how Spencer is back in the family. Ryan questions why she needed to speak with him since it raises the risk of someone finding out the truth about him. Esme swears she hasn't failed him, but admits Spencer has been behaving strangely.

Esme says they haven't been intimate since Spencer got out of Spring Ridge and tells Ryan about him going through her things. Esme says the meds she used to drug Trina were in the same box with the letters from Maggie. Ryan gets angry and tells her that Spencer is onto her.

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Ryan figures Spencer told Cameron, which is why Camron tried to distract Esme from following Spencer. Ryan chastises her for getting distracted and jeopardizing what they've built. Esme warns him that he has more to lose than she does and to back off.

Ryan says she reminds him of her mother, but they have to stick together. Ryan has a flashback memory of him and Felicia fighting, and says he'll make them all pay. (I swear to dog if this going down the 'Felicia is Esme's mother' route I will be pissed!)

Ryan reminds Esme that her job is to break up Ava and Nikolas, and she needs to continue the plan to seduce Nikolas. Esme agrees and Ryan says once that's done, they'll turn their attention to all their other enemies.

Nina stops by to see Maxie, but finds Felicia instead. Felicia invites Nina to join her, which Nina is grateful for. They discuss the piece that's being written about her and Nina says she would understand if Felicia was against her. Felicia mentions Nina being James' aunt and how that makes them family. Felicia says she sees a little of herself in Nina's eyes. Felicia asks if Nina is ready to give Wiley answers when he comes asking. Nina says she'll own her truth.

Michael and Willow catch Drew and Carly in their house. Carly claims she just wanted to check on them and Drew had the key to let her in. Willow mentions the cemetery and Michael is upset that Nina and Sonny were there. Michael complains about Nina, but Drew defends her.

Willow and Michael discuss the issue of Sonny. Willow says Wiley is picking up on the tension and they need to compromise for him. Michael wonders who she wants him to compromise with. Willow says he shouldn't give up on Sonny, but he won't forget what Sonny has done. Michael says Willow and Wiley are his family and he won't let anyone come between them.

Carly's dismissive of Drew now that he helped her get Willow's toothbrush, but he wants to know what her plan is. Drew asks what Carly plans to do if Nina is Willow's mother. Carly dodges the question by promising she'll do the right thing once she's knows the truth (in other words, do the right thing for Carly).

Carly asks Britt to help with the DNA test.

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