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WATCH: Michael E. Knight on Filming With General Hospital Vets: "It’s Kind of Like Going Home" (VIDEO)

Michael E. Knight is back on General Hospital as smooth-tongued lawyer Martin Grey. The three-time Daytime Emmy winner discussed his time in Port Charles and reuniting with old pals with Michael Fairman TV.

Knight said:

I got to work with John J. York [Mac] yesterday and Kristina [Wagner, Felicia] and stuff, and I remember when he would come over and do Mac Scorpio on All My Children, you know? He’d fly into New York. And it’s like—it’s kind of like going home. And it’s wonderful. I know—the guy that I give all credit to forever is [executive producer] Frank [Valentini] because Frank was my ex-wife Catherine [Hickland, ex-Lindsay]’s boss on One Life to Live for years and years and years. And Frank’s been doing—Frank knows every job in the studio from the ground up. He was the one that I reached out to and said, 'Hey, man, can I get off the bench?' and he was like, 'Yeah, sure.'

Currently, Martin is romancing quirky cosmetics queen Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring). Of working with Herring, the actor said:

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She's wonderful; she's really, really fun. And like I say, Michael, we've known each other. It's a really small business and you get to know each other. You got to the Emmys. I think I met Lynn back in '86, '87, something like that, and so it's something really, really comforting, the fact that they let us work together. And also, there's something really, really kinky about love scenes at this age, because it's like I jokingly say, at this age, you've really got to try harder, you know.

The All My Children vet shared that the origins of Martin's syrupy Southern accent came from when he was learning his lines (and legalese). He recalled:

To make it so I could run through it and not sound like an idiot, I would run my lines while I was walking my dog. I live up here down on Mulholland, so I walk the hills walking my dog and I'd be saying this thing over and over and over to myself. So there was this cadence that I couldn't get; there was this Southern cadence. Initially, it was a Virginia type and I couldn't get rid of it. And I walked up to Frank and I went, 'You know, one of the writers is Southern.' And he goes, 'No, it's not the writer. It's one of the dialogues.' And I said, 'You know, what are you thinking?' And he goes, 'Just don't make it too...' And I guess it sort of, it took off; all of a sudden, it evolved from there. Now, it's kind of fun because it's sort of like putting on a whole baseball mitt and now it's sort of like I've found the cracks and crannies in it. It's fun to play with but I think I pissed off a couple of people. 

Screen the full chat below.