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Perkie's Observations: Drew Refuses Sonny's Help With Michael's ELQ Battle on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 13, 2022
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Cameron Mathison

Cameron Mathison

On today's General Hospital recap: Olivia and Ned prep Leo for his performance at the school fair, and are reassured by Brook Lynn. Olivia's not happy with Ned's concerns about ELQ. After she leaves, Brook Lynn questions Ned, which makes him realize that she knows about the plan to merge companies. Brook Lynn admits that Michael spoke to her and claims everything is above board. Ned is upset that Drew and Michael made plans without telling him, and roped her in. Ned says there will be no place for him, but Brook Lynn disagrees.

Dante and Sam show up at the gatehouse to tell Willow the DNA test proves Harmony was not her biological mother. Sam mentions the fair and offers to take Willow to take her mind off of everything.

Dante wants Michael and Sonny to have a conversation and patch things up, but Michael says Sonny put the family second to Nina. Dante disagrees. Michael says Sonny threw away his code when he took Nina's side over the family. Dante reminds him that no one is perfect and to cut Sonny's some slack. Michael says he's made his choice and owes it to Wiley. Michael is determined to make Sonny fall. He says he'll take everything from him and he won't be able to hide next time the PCPD comes calling.

Willow talks to Sam about wanting to find her biological mother and Sam warns her to be certain she can accept whatever she might find. Willow's not sure if she'll ever be ready to find out the truth. Sam offers to help Willow find her mother.

Valentin complains to Martin that ELQ has called a board meeting to vote him out. Martin blames Valentin for leaving town briefly and his absence gave the board the opening to kick him out. Olivia and Leo run into them and she lets it slip about the merger, which catches Valentin's attention. Valentin tells Martin about the merger, knowing it will dilute his shares. He wonders if he can bring a Quartermaine family member over to his side. Valentin thinks he can sway Ned.

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TJ tells Jordan that Marshall is missing and wants her help in finding him, but Jordan says it would be unethical to launch a private search. TJ mentions that Marshall left his clarinet and a note. TJ also finds a receipt for a music shop in Brooklyn and decides to head there to find his grandfather.

Curtis checks in on Nina as the first Invader article about her goes public. Nina starts out being blasé, but Curtis pushes and she admits she's upset it came out right before the hearing. Curtis reminds her that Sonny is allowed full access to Wiley and so should she, but Nina doesn't want Sonny dragged into it.

Nina says Nelle might have turned out differently if she'd been allowed to raise her. Nina says all she has left is Wiley and she can't lose another child. Nina asks about Marshall and Curtis explains that his father left. She wonders if Curtis can live without Marshall.

Carly and Josslyn spend quality time together at the nail salon and discuss the hearing starting tomorrow. Josslyn feels badly for Willow, then the two bitch about evil Nina. Carly says Sonny shoulders a lot of the blame as well. Carly says Nina kept Sonny from them while they all grieved and believes Nina should suffer the consequences of her actions. Josslyn is certain the article will make everyone see the truth about Nina.

Drew runs into Sonny at the school fair and questions why he's at war with Michael. Sonny puts all the blame on Michael for their estrangement. Drew asks if there is anything he can do to help and is willing to play mediator. Sonny says Michael is building a wall to keep him out. Drew brings up the merger and how it might upset Valentin, but they can handle it. Sonny says he won't let Michael go up against Valentin without backup and wants in. Drew refuses, which annoys Sonny. 

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