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Perkie's Observations: Esme Pushes Forward With Her Plan to Seduce Nikolas on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 16, 2022
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Willow Tait, General Hospital

Avery Pohl

On today's General Hospital recap: Leo's worried about the poem, but he's thrilled when Chase finally arrives. Chase manages to calm Leo's nerves by promising to sing a song at his birthday party later. When it's time for Leo to speak, he hesitates, but with Chase's help, he recites his poem.

Sonny offers to help Willow with anything, as Michael arrives and declares that Willow will never need anything from his father. Sonny complains to Dante about Michael's behavior. Dante warns Sonny to make things right with Michael sooner rather than later.

Ned tells Drew he wants a meeting with him and Michael to discuss ELQ's new direction. Michael tells Ned they can offer him the COO position after the merger. Ned isn't thrilled about, but will consider it. Valentin meets with Ned.

Curtis tells Stella that Marshall left town. He knows why Marshall left all those years ago and Stella questions how. Curtis says he did it to protect her and the rest of the family. Curtis tells Stella about Marshall's arrest and mental hospital stay, something that Stella isn't surprised by. Curtis wants to know why she lied to him about it.

Stella says she's known since Marshall left years ago and Curtis gets upset with her for lying about his father's supposed death. Stella promises to give him answers now, but Curtis doesn't trust anything she'll say. Stella admits that it was Marshall's decision to let Curtis and his brother believe he was dead and Curtis' mother also knew the truth. Stella is tearfully apologetic for not telling him sooner.

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Spencer searches for signs of Maggie online. Esme interrupts with romantic alone-time plans, but Spencer refuses. He says he has to work, but Esme pushes for them to spend the day together. Spencer turns her down and leaves.

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Trina tells Ava that she's about to be expelled and worries she'll be sent to prison. Ava reassures her the courts will see that she's innocent, but Trina's not sure.

Portia runs into Spencer at Kelly's and when he asks about Trina, Portia goes all Mama Bear on his butt. Portia tears a strip off of Spencer, and blames him and Esme for ruining Trina's life.

Ava drags Spencer away and Trina is grateful her mother has her back. Ava chastises Spencer and wonders why he won't leave Trina alone.

Felicia wants details from Anna about her relationship with Valentin, but Anna says they've barely seen each other. Valentin interrupts so when Anna takes a call, Felicia questions Valentin's motives with Anna.

Anna returns and tells them the WSB has officially arrested Jennifer Smith and he'll spend the rest of her life in jail. Anna doesn't believe Jennifer is guilty and Felicia brings up the French naval captain. Valentin claims he might be able to help find the guy. Valentin asks for a date with Anna, but she's not interested.

Esme complains to Nikolas about Spencer and how she doesn't want to give up on him. Nikolas commiserates with her, and Esme turns on the waterworks and the woe is me act. Esme's sorry that Ava doesn't see Nikolas the way she does. 

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